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About Tuyetnhi Pham

“Among her failing dating attempts, Cara Luong frequently visits her otherworldly lover in her sleep every night. But when given a chance to make her fantasies come true, her romantic exploits were forgotten! Now Cara and the fantastical Richie must sort out their predicament beyond the scope of dreams and reality itself. That is, if Cara wants such a person to exist in the first place!”

Hello there! My name is Tuyetnhi Pham, an illustrator and soon-to-be art educator from Michigan. Also I'm the creator of Only In Your Dreams! Inspired from a dream from 2015, OIYD! is a shoujo-esque romance comic featuring a Mixed-Vietnamese American protagonist! It's one of my passion projects but I want to make it a reality with its own issues, maybe books too if I have the time!

You can read the comic for free here or on TapasWebtoon Canvas! I appreciate anyone who is sharing my work out there. You're the best~

Okay, so why you're doing patreon then?
Life is a curveball and gotta keep rolling with the punches. Patreon will make it easier for me to keep going on this comic despite my responsibilities and life in general. Every dollar helps to keep me afloat, help pay back my student loans, and possibly help me support other artists too!

But I don't have the money....
That's alright! Any public behind the scenes, cropped WIPS, light streaming, and some non-spoiler concept art can be accessed online though my Discord server! I recommend joining if you like to discuss things with me in real time. Or pitch a coffee on my Ko-Fi Page for one time support!

Thank you for reading! You can check the links below to find me elsewhere or share my comics to everyone you know! It will help OIYD! flourish tremendously. Thanks again! :D

Email: [email protected]
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Shops: RedbubbleGumroadShop
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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