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Art Patreon

$5 /mo
this is just for people who want to help a starving artist. This will go to keeping my lights on at my studio and ramen in my belly. No pictures with this. But I know a lot of you just want to spre...

Basic Level

$10 /mo
You will see professinal edited shots for Patreon in these sets. I will post 1 new edited set a month and 3 old edited sets a months for a total of 4 at minium!

Professional Level

$25 /mo
View all edited blogs normal and NSFW
At least 1 monthly new set of proofs & 3 sets of old proofs
Changing sending prints to adding more unedits..

Elite Level

$50 /mo
At least 1 monthly new set of proofs & one set of old proofs
and get 3 monthly 6x9 photos