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is creating an art space for Tulsa (and a pirate radio station)

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If you listen to 91.1 FM or otherwise like what we do, please consider giving us $5/month! We love you for it. In exchange you'll get access to OK #1's new monthly newsletter, and your name on the Honored Wall of Donors at okno.one. Eternal gratitude.
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The Good Job Havers

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Do you have a decent paying job AND you like what we do? Consider becoming our shining stars for $15/mo, and keep the PULSE of TULSE pumping.  In exchange we will make you a little plaque and a 30 second radio ad to air on 91.1 FM - content of your choosing.
  • Exclusive patron-only posts and newsletter
  • Honored Wall of Donors
  • 30 second radio spot

The Philanthropists

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Are you a reasonably wealthy person who wouldn't be burdened by spending an extra $25/month??  Consider letting OK #1 distribute some of your money. We'd give your money to artists, and make things happen in Tulsa that wouldn't otherwise exist. You'll also get to name an object in the storefront in your honor - the toilet, benches, the wifi router, many possibilties...
  • Exclusive patron-only posts and newsletter
  • Honored Wall of Donors
  • Storefront Furniture Naming Rights
  • 30 second radio spot




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About OK #1

Hello! Welcome to OK #1's patreon. Please subscribe!

OK #1 is an art space in Tulsa, dedicated to miscellaneous activity that wouldn't otherwise have a home. We also have a radio station! 91.1 FM K-NO radio, and streaming on our website okno.one. We're asking for your support to help fund OK #1's operations, to keep our equipment and space maintained, and scheme for the future.

91.1 FM operates out of the back room of OK #1, and runs 24/7 with live shows every day and night! The DJ's don't get paid, but anyone is welcome to host a show, and you can play whatever you like! If you want a show on the radio, email us at [email protected], or DM via our various social medias.

We also host roughly two public events a month. For the most part this takes the form of performances, lectures, workshops, and during COVID-19, lots of live streams on our twitch page. In the interest of paying people for their work, we offer a $300 artist fee for any public event. These events are ultimately the arbitrary curatorial preferences of OK #1's proprietor Lucas Wrench.

In conclusion, if you like what we are doing, please consider becoming a patreon!

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