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About Okuna

🥚 The preface: Our crowd-funding campaign

🐣 The now: Hooray, Okuna (formerly Openbook) is live!

Thanks to you and 2,000+ amazing individuals from all around the world, we brought Okuna to life and with just 3 weeks of existence we're now 2000+ members, 1900+ communities, 13,000+ posts and 11,000+ people waiting for access!

While development has remained quick and steady, we're feeling a bit under-resourced to build all the awesome things you've been asking for (230 feature requests 😱) while still delivering our initial goals, biggest one being our web version.

We could use some extra hands.

And while having our Okuna Gold subscription available right now to fund this, we planned it for summer, which is why we're now turning to Patreon to make things happen.

Most of the development of Okuna so far has been done by 2.5 people, imagine what we could do with a full blown team of developers!

🤔 How will we use the funds?

We will
  • Pay for...
    • Server costs ~ 800 € p/m
      • Perhaps even better servers/databases!
    • Development & Design tool licenses ~ 150 € p/m
    • Co-working office space ~ 500 € p/m
    • Coffee ~ 90 € p/m
    • Sometimes very late night pizza delivery at the office ~ 40€ p/m
    • Shantanu's travel costs (He travels every day from Amsterdam to The Hague 😱) ~300€ p/m
  • If there's enough funds...
    • Hire an extra mobile developer with native iOS/Android experience
      • This will help us build features outside the scope of Flutter and into iOS and Android such as photo sharing/downloading and accessibility controls.
    • Hire a devops/backend engineer
      • This will allow us to speed those timelines up and make sure we can scale 10,000 people and beyond!
    • Hire an extra web developer
      • This will help us make sure whatever awesome things we build for the mobile version, never get left out the web version

Fun fact: We have existing members and contributors of Openbook ready to jump in and fill in these roles if we can get them a bare-minimum income :-)

🌯 That's a wrap!

Even with our current limited resources, we will keep working hard, day and night to make Okuna a great place and community to be part of.

But if the Okuna community has proven something is that when we work together we can make great things happen together. Like that time when we all funded our Kickstarter re-launch campaign in 6 hours working all together across-timezones, from Tokyo to Amsterdam, from Berlin to New Zealand.

Let's keep on making great things happen, together.

🤔 F.A.Q.

Was your name Openbook before?

Yes, due to legal reasons with Facebook's ownership of the word book, we were obliged to change it.

I'm not yet in Openbook, how do I get access?

The best way to get access still is by backing us in our IndieGogo page. We send new invites everyday!

Is a one-time payment possible?

Patreon is really meant for subscriptions unfortunately. You can back us on IndieGogo or cancel your Patreon subscription right away after the first contribution.

Is 10$the maximum amount ?

Nope, after selecting the tier, you can change the value in the "Choose What You Pay" field.

Will there be more Patreon tiers?

Most likely. We're thinking about a T-shirt, limited edition stickers and of course, a Patreon badge!

Once we release those, if you are already backing us above their amount, (for example stickers 15€), we'll send you a survey with information on it's fulfilment.

P.S. We're also considering adding a sombrero on top of Patreon's profile photos. Visible on the timeline too and of course disable-able.
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