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About OMG: Older Millennial Gamers

Hello, we're OMG: Older Millennial Gamers. We love video games and have been playing them most of our lives. We're also older millennials (or xennials for the cool kids in the back), so we're careening towards midlife with a bunch of stuff to say about the games that we love.

One of our primary love of video games is the way in which they tell stories. Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of all cultures, and for nerds like us, video games are one of the primary mediums in which we consume stories. From Indie classics to Big Budget AAA's, there are a number of games, old and new, that we're going to talk about, break down and ultimately reminisce about. We'll also talk about film, anime and even some other nerd gear we've got lying around and how that shapes who we are and the choices we've made in our lives.

Any support you could give as a patron would be immensely helpful to keep the show up and running. Thanks for listening and watching.

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