Ailene Cuthbertson

is creating portraits where dance meets fantasy, dreams, and light
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  • Behind-the-scenes from the studio
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PLUS all previous rewards:

  • Digital wallpapers for your phone or tablet
  • Early access to timelapse videos 
  • Early access to new artworks 
  • Behind-the-scenes from the studio
  • Vote on polls
  • Special thanks credit




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About Ailene Cuthbertson

Consider this your invitation to my studio for a cozy cuppa as you peek into my world. (And with luck, sunlight streaming through the window and a cat lap-warmer).

Hi, I’m Ailene

I’m a digital fine artist, following my artist dreams and bringing my imagination to life. My images are inspired by my love of dance, fantasy, and storytelling. I use my art as a form of magic - transforming my models, and myself, into dream archetypal heroines. We stand as enduring reminders to follow your heart and shine bright.

(When not bringing to life worlds full of magic and wonder, you’ll find me working as a software developer because I also love being a nerd!)

What I'm up to here

I think this will be a great way for us to connect! I get to invite you into my studio, show you around, and share all the messy magic behind-the-scenes. And you can add your voice to the creative process, or just watch it unfold.

All without the icky marketing, or mysterious “algorithm” deciding what you see… or not…

What you're making possible

Here on Patreon, you can support creatives and artists, like me, with a monthly pledge. You get to choose the amount you’d like to pledge - and every bit helps. When you become a patron, you get exclusive access to content so you feel like you’re stepping into the studio with me.

And your support helps me create more art! It helps to turn inspirations and dreams into reality. And of course, it helps me get into the studio, put pen to tablet, and paint.

Your support will also help me be able to make better paintings. I dream of being able to add costumes, or props like jewellery or wigs. Or be able to go location to find backdrops - New Zealand has the most stunning landscapes!

I’m so excited to invite you to be part of the adventures

It means a lot to me to be able to connect with you. And I love that I get to share my art and artist journey with you.

I hope you join me. Allons-y!


p.s. The baby goat’s name is Kepler - like the physicist. You know, because goats defy physics… #nerd

p.p.s. Please note that all Patreon payments are charged in US dollars
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You’re so wonderful! Let me say thank you by making you a patron-only highlight reel of my video bloopers and outtakes. Just so you can have a giggle and share in the messy magic of filming. Especially since I tend to film with baby animals running around (and jumping on my lap… and eating #allthethings… and video bombing...)
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