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My name is Olexandr.

I do many things, most of them are music-related. I'm most known as the author at AudioJungle, where I'm licensing my music to the whole world for 6 years. But it's paid. And not all the creators have resources or need to support what they are doing with the money. Or they don't get money for what they are doing. So that's why they prefer free music. And it's OK. 

My free use music project is under name OlexandrMusic (click to go to a website)
You also can access the full catalog on SoundCloud (new tracks added monthly)

This Patreon page is created with 2 things in mind - to support me in creating new tracks, for which I'm not getting any money to cover the cost of creating it and reward people who use my free music a little bit more and support them.

By default, my free to use music can't be used in monetized videos. You can potentially receive a copyright claim on your video (not to confuse with channel strike, just a claim saying the music belongs to someone else). It won't hurt your channel in any way. But it won't let you monetize. And that's what many want. Who doesn't want to monetize a bit? ;) 

So, on this Patreon page, you can UNLOCK the monetization option on ALL music tracks you download from my FREE library (www.olexandrignatov.com/freemusic)

All you need to do is send an email to [email protected] and tell that you need your video to be monetized. Alternatively, you can send your links to the Discord chat. Learn how to utilize your Discord benefits here! We will clear all claims and make sure no other claims will appear on this video (for Creator tier) or your entire YouTube channel (for Creator Pro tier) if you're my patron.

Also, you will receive 4 new free tracks EACH MONTH that will be added based on my patron's preferences and voting (available in Creator Pro tier). Let's say you need more epic music than corporate, so you vote for epic. More people need epic music - more epic music becomes available!

You also get 1 Click Download Of All Tracks (45+ and updating)

Due to a very affordable pricing cost, the monetization will be unlocked and available only for the period you remain my patron. If you choose to cancel your subscription, the monetization option might be turned off for your video/channel.

No worries though!

You will still be able to maintain all your videos monetized for a small one-time fee!

If you're planning to do so or just want to learn more about it, please send me an email to [email protected] with a topic "One Time Monetization Unlock" to allow monetization on all your videos or just get access to monetizing selected videos of your choice without committing to a subscription in the first place!

I hope you'll find value in this. Your support as a patron would mean very much to me and I will be glad to reward you and give you a little more in exchange. Because you deserve it. 

See you and happy creating!

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