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Moon Jellies
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quiet and kind; Moon Jellies are just going with the flow. They’re here for Quinn and weekly updates to Force Aquatica. 

Moon Jellies get to join the bloom! chat With me and other Jellies about thoughts, hopes, ideas, and other things concerning Force Aquatica as the series continues. 

Also all Jellies get crazy discounts on any commission. More benefits and tiers are to come as our bloom slowly grows :) 

Sea Nettles
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Sea Nettles are sassy little Jellies and trust us when we say their bark is no where near as bad as their burn! Sea Nettles will get all the same benefits as Moon Jellies such as a spot on the Force Aquatica Discord, weekly updates, and all goal benefits, but they will also get to see behind the scenes sketches and early stages of the comic as well as TOP SECRET glimpses of the Force Aquatica novel as it’s workshopped as my Masters Thesis. A separate discord will launch to discuss the book and your thoughts as you will be privy to the life and growth of the story beyond the comics. AND THAT’S NOT ALL: Sea Nettles will get shoutouts on my Instagram page as a thank you for supporting the Jelly BoI. 



About Olive Dane Draws

Not too long ago, I had a hobby that was just that... a hobby. Then the internet came at me with so much love and encouragement, I was taught this “hobby” could make my wildest dreams a possibility. I wouldn’t have made it this far without your supporton instagram, and your continued support on Patreon would take my content to a new potential. 
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Quinn has a story to tell and Jellies are stronger in a bloom! If I meet this goal the first 200 will get a vinyl sticker of the Force Aquatica logo to rep everyone’s favourite Jelly Fish boy :)
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