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About Oliver Facey

I have been attending Live Roleplaying events as a player for over 10 years. Around 8 years ago I was asked to crew for event called EOS. I borrowed a friends DSLR to take a few shots and I suddenly found myself hooked on LRP photography.

The next event I crewed as a photographer was a bit of a departure from the classic high fantasy of EOS, it was called Death unto Darkness and was set some 40,000 years in the future. I've now crewed in excess of 80 events and I've over doubled the number of events that I have attended in the last two years.

The UK LRP scene is getting more and more diverse with many new games every year and a diversity of themes that goes way beyond the Tolkienesque image that is the most common public perception of LRP. I am sucker for events that break new ground or have a unique style and will attempt to attend them all wherever and whenever they are.

I like to stay relatively close to the players at a game as, not only does it allow me to follow the action, it also means that I can notice scenes and moments that are important to the players and their characters. A few years ago a player told me that, in preparation for a Death unto Darkness game, they were able to conjure up the feelings and emotions that they had felt throughout the previous event by viewing my album again.

Everything that I take and upload to social media is free for anyone to use for profile or cover photos and I have no plans to change that. I have charged a nominal amount for full resolution digital files to help defer the costs that I incur attending events but it is a manual process that I would like to improve upon. I took out a hosting plan for a new website at the end of last year that allows sales of digital products and prints.

I have not unveiled it yet as I would like to make a pitch on here first. One of the funding milestones on this site will be to make digital downloads free to all Patrons.
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In the last 12 months I have covered over 5,000 miles to get to events that I've attended. This goal would be a significant help with funding my transport.
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