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About Oliver Kaufman

Hi - thanks for checking out my page! My name's Oliver Kaufman.

There are a lot of things that I like to create, and various endeavors I pursue. I'd like to be able to share my creations and experiences with everyone I can. To help with that, I've created this Patreon page, so anyone can help me out in living a creative life - one where I can contribute what I can from my pursuits to the wider world.

Every bit of support you give will go towards me being able to more freely pursue the things I find fulfilling, and to share the content I create, as part of that journey, with a wider and wider audience. And, with you!

So what kind of content can you look forward to? Well, the main interests I have, and the work that I do with them, are listed below:

Inner Work
I spend a lot of time reflecting on my own inner world – the world of thoughts, emotions, feelings, decisions, and more. Within this place, I can find dilemmas, buried dreams, vulnerable sides of myself, wise teachings, and more.

This pursuit has helped me with so many things in my life. It's given me perspective on my problems, shown me ways forward when I was completely lost, and shown me gifts of self-kindness, self-acceptance, trust, peace, relaxation, appreciation, and so much more. Given the impact it's had, I created the website The World Within to share what I've learned and the techniques I've found to be effective.

While there are major articles on the site, I also share bits and pieces from that journey here with patrons.

Emotional Health Coaching
Along with the above section, I've started to offer coaching for anyone wishing to learn more about their inner worlds and to empower their ability to understand, know, and help themselves. You can find more info about that, here: http://www.theworldwithin.org/coaching/
You'll notice some of the reward tiers also offer reduced coaching cost, on a month to month basis.

I have two major areas that I work on for fiction: one are my short stories, the other is the continuation of my fantasy epic, Delucion.

For short stories, I often write them as a way of working through complex or plaguing feelings, by putting those feelings into the story, and seeing how they work out as the story changes, along with the feelings.

To share these stories with others, I published a short story collection called The Windless Echo. These stories touch on common human experiences, and can help people connect with how to find direction and a sense of peace even with respect to difficult topics. The book is available via that link, on Amazon, but also as a reward for anyone who donates $10 or more a month.

Delucion follows the story of a young man named Delucion as he seeks to uncover the truths of the world that exists beyond the boundaries of what he was told to be real. The town of Falborough, bounded by seemingly endless mountains and seas, thrives within the belief that there is nothing else in the world aside from what they know. But, Delucion has always felt there must be more, and feels the calling to find out for himself. This story is an account of his journey, as he travels into the heart of the unknown.

I am still writing this story, and it's written in such a way that there is no known conclusion. The happenings of the story unfold spontaneously, just like in real life. I want to share this story as I go, but it takes editing and time. I plan to publish it in some format soon, but for now, the first seven chapters are available at delucion.com. I'll also be making content that I'll share on Patreon only, such as chapter previews, character interviews, drawings, and more. You can have access to all that, here.


I enjoy expressing myself in music sometimes, mainly through piano and singing. I usually express myself like this to work through feelings, but it also brings me a sense of joy and peace.

Periodically, I make videos to go along with my piano music, which you can find here on my YouTube channel. I may also do the same for my singing in the future.


I do emotive abstracts, characters, and scenes. A lot of it is inspired by or direct representations of my inner world.

As a patron, you'll get access to all my newest art pieces, in highest quality format. But you can still check out the kind of work I do over on my Instagram.

Thanks for considering giving your support. I hope you enjoy my content and find it to be enriching, insightful, and uniquely helpful to you.

All the best,
Oliver : )
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