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About Olivia Anne Gennaro

Hello! I am a writer living in the Midwest who loves to research, analyze, and write about (perhaps with an accompanying image, video, or podcast interview) my variety of interests that all coalesce around stories and our relationship to them as humans.

But I have to be honest: these projects take a lot of time, energy, and materials in a world that demands short-form media and endless consumption of content. Even if, I have a successful writing submission or video essay, there is a lot of unpaid labor that goes into it beforehand. And yet, I've discovered, these longer projects truly make me happy. I feel more freedom to write, and I love the communities I've been able to join and contribute to so far. I doubt I'll be able to make the media landscape more human-centered and thoughtful by myself, but I can at least make the art that helps us survive.

I also believe educational content should be free (minding copyright guidelines, of course), so all the major, finished "content" I create and publish myself will be available to everyone with the Internet. On this Patreon, you will be able to access things early, get newsletter-style emails/posts, have a community, listen to nerdy analysis that didn't quite fit into a video or essay, read some in-progress thoughts I have on, say, a certain movie musical adaptation, ask questions, and who knows what else--we'll see what this community needs! (Maybe a Discord?) If I am ever overwhelmed and take a break, or just am not able to get anything done, I won't charge you for that month.

I'm definitely in the midst of a transition period across the various sites and social media accounts I run, but in general, here is what I'm focusing on!
  • Quarter Life Crisis: A newsletter about trying to figure life out while your brain is finally settling and the world is chaos. Connecting the personal experiences and observances with wider research and news.
  • The Human Connection Project: a weekly newsletter (currently done with "season 1") from me thoughtfully considering stories and other media that seem relevant to our present moment even if they aren't the buzziest right now. At times featuring guest posts, interviews, or dives into the Internet's strange archives. My hope is this can also be a sort of virtual community. 
  • Video Essays: Primarily focusing on musical theatre, I'm using my English Education degree and general musical nerdiness to share specific analysis on stories I love!
  • Personal Essays: I'm looking to pursue creative nonfiction for the time being, and currently the way I've only been able to consistently write are personal essays...inevitably with a bit of media analysis mixed in there. Ideally, I'll work up the courage to submit them to publications. But if there's something short and silly, it'll probably end up as a blog post here or on my website instead.
  • Book-Length Writing: This has always been my goal, my dream, the reason I'm doing this today. I've got two young adult novels I'm working on that mean the world to me, and I have ideas and even outlines for essay collections or popular nonfiction books. But again, in this attention economy, it's so easy to put aside those larger projects to generate something.
  • Book Reviews and Blog Posts: On my website. I've taken kind of a break from this because I haven't been able to read much fiction lately...but I do have a lot of advanced reader copies of YA and middle grade fiction and have experience recommending and reviewing for readers of all ages and educators. I do really want to get back into writing about books and writing, but I need to build more positive associations again with those types of books--so that is where you come in!

Additionally, you would be helping me pay anyone who helps me, support other artists, and access research materials, classes to hone skills, submission fees, and...well, the essentials like food, rent, therapy, gas, and streaming services.
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I will be able to cut unnecessary hours from my day job to preserve energy and health to work more on these projects!
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