Olivia White is creating horror stories

$5 /creation
Backers at $5 or more will receive a free copy of Richard & Alice on Steam or DRM-free and a digital copy of my first novel Bright Lights & Glass Houses.

$10 /creation
If you back me for $10, I will write you a personalized horror story of no less than 500 words, tailored to your specifications. Previous rewards also included.

$25 /creation
Backers of this tier will receive a free copy of the The Charnel House Trilogy on Steam or DRM-free and a free print copy of each comic we release, as well as all the previous rewards.

$100 /creation
This super awesome special amazing tier entitles you to free copies of any video game I release as Owl Cave or solo for the duration of your backing. For this period you're also entitled to a free ...

$500 /creation
If for some reason you love me a ludicrous amount and decide to patronize me for $500 a month, then first, wow, that's kinda dramatically unexpected. Secondly, I will write you a personal short hor...