Alie Ward is creating a podcast featuring ologists of all kinds.

Mutual Admiration Society

$1 /mo
Join the party! 

  • Patrons can submit questions to -ologists before we record
  • I send you cosmic high fives and/or hugs that last a second too long because I like you and...

Ologist Buddy

$4 /mo
  • See photos related to episodes which may or may not include me with a tornado for hair on my couch editing
  • See screenshots of file names that make no sense until you listen to it ...

Ologist Pal

$8 /mo
  • All previous rewards such as photos relating to episodes, creepy virtual hugs, self-satisfaction, my admiration
  • Voting on future Ologies
  • Access to video messages from me in ...

Ologist Friend

$12 /mo
  • All other previous rewards, including cosmic high fives
  • Personal shout-out in patron-only video 
  • Lots of self satisfaction 

Ologist BFF

$25 /mo
  • All previous rewards 
  • Bonus content when available 
  • Signed Ologist doodle by Alie. I MAIL YOU LETTER. 
  • You can put me down as your emergency contact