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Who am I and what do I do ?

Ollie LongZ / BanjoGuyOllie ... I do video game music (well mostly) covers using real, accoustic, instruments.

I have a few videos done already. Well over 100 actually, probably twice as many in progress and a waiting list that just doesn't want to get smaller..At the moment I aim to do two videos per month.

Why Crowd Funding?

The videos are free on youtube so why use crowdfunding ... ?

Being a musician on youtube is not unlike being a performing artist really. You need to constantly deliver concerts (videos in this case) to an audience. And as a creator and musician my dream would be to get paid and make a living from what I do. Crazy idea, I know. There's also the issue of costs and constant experimentation with equipment as well as equipment and instrument maintenance, production software licences costs ... it adds up quick and whatever money I can make helps directly in paying for all these. Put simply, I couldn't have achieved the same quality of production over the past few years without direct crowdfunding. Especially not now that youtube is flagging every video I release as not suitable for advertisers. 
In time my goal would be to have a dedicated environment to record and edit these, as well as expand my pool of useable instruments, mics and professional recording equipment.

Everything will be re- invested and will allow me to offer longer better and more frequent content ... along with stock of checkered shirts to cover my gloriously lush chest , and hats & caps to cover my [not so lush] scalp.

$223.09 of $300 per per music video
This is a major step and means I can start looking into investing in more unusual instuments like hybrids banjolins, tenor guitar, uke bass, whatever's cool and unusual ...
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