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I will not be doing rewards in the month of December as I will be moving. I will be posting a premade comic and some art so it won't be empty. You can join or move to the $3 tier as it will not be changing. I intend to add more slots and change the prices of the other tiers.

Hello and welcome to the Olympic Dames Patreon. We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration in supporting the Olympic Dames webcomic and it’s associated works.

What is Olympic Dames?

Olympic Dames is an long form webcomic that has been going on for 10+ years now. The story is still ongoing and will continue until it’s end, which is still a ways off. The concept and art are the work of Kaileigh Blue and it is written by Lyze.

Why is Olympic Dames now on Patreon?

Olympic Dames the webcomic has always and will always will be free to our viewers. The hosting costs are paid for through the donations of viewers like yourself and purchasing of commissions and other artwork. Lately there has been a movement among many artist to move on to a formalized donation system to fund the overhead of creating their works and we here at Olympic Dames can see the advantage to do so ourselves.

What do I (the reader) get out of it this?

Your support provides us with more opportunity to concentrate on more work. Below there will be specific information regarding rewards for tiered patronage and overall reward goals, but in general, we have many ideas on what we would like to do with the comic going forward. We have considered games, additional side stories, animation, possible physical merchandise, and also other projects which expand upon the Olympic Dames universe that aren’t necessarily directly involved with the webcomic storyline. Greater economic freedom equates to greater artistic freedom to pursue these options.

How do I get my reward?
Send a message here. If it needs to go into further discussion I'll give you my e-mail in messages. I am not responsible if you miss the deadline. You cannot get back rewards.

Are there any rules?
Will do:
  • Things you have seen me do. You can always ask.
Won't do:
  • No non-celebrity real people.
  • No gender swapping of my characters. Yours are ok.
  • Absolutely no Mpreg.
  • No graphic porn, artistic nudity is fine. It doesn't have to be fetish related.
  • Vore, Watersports, Scat, Diaper
  • I am very protective of my characters so I reserve the right to refuse things with them even if I might do them for other characters. (see genderswapping.)
Various rules for your conduct.
  • Try to have your requests in before the last week of the month to make sure I have time to complete them in the month. Every reward has to be requested in the month it's paid for.
  • You can request a private reward.
  • You can repost your rewards to other sites if you want to, linking back appreciated.
  • One character per image unless you add $10 per extra. If you want more than one image add the price to that month, but ask first so I can make sure I'm not overwhelmed. They have to be interacting in some meaningful way, if you could  separate the characters out in their own images easily, they're not interacting. Do not ask me to not overlap the characters.
  • If you want fanart of someone's ideas here I will ask them (assuming I can remember who it was for) and give them the right of veto.
  • Please provide references and if it's a continuation of a series I'm doing point me to that so I don't have to spend time searching for these things. I might end up picking a version of the character you didn't want.
$600 - reached! per month
I will post an extra page each week. That will be 4 pages a week.  I'll have to figure out how to schedule that.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,908 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,908 exclusive posts

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