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About Olympus Comics

Hello, Everyone!

We are Olympus Comics, the proud creators of our launch series "Antichton: Remnants." Olympus Comics is a Start-Up Indie company comprised of a global and diverse cast of creators. With the invigorating explosion of Indie Comics on the Internet, we have decided to try our hand at the craft.

Alongside our flagship comic series, Antichton, we hope to introduce unique series's for our patrons. They are an excellent medium to connect us and to express fantastical ideas. There are limitless possibilities for what we can create together.

If you are a fan of our comics, we thank you for your incredible support.
We can't continue to sustain our dream without you, and we can't appreciate you all enough. Either way, it is due to your love and support that we have chosen to create this page.

Here we will provide you all with the option to further support our work with a monthly subscription. As a patron, you will receive access to exclusive content, behind the scenes, wallpapers, discussions, merchandise, and creative input! If you would like to become a Patron to Olympus Comics, we would be very grateful. However, whether or not you do, we are happy that you appreciate our comics.

Thank you
Andres Beeco
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The funds will provide us with the necessary capital to make 1 page of our next comic and to support the seven-person team behind it.
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