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is creating open source stuff with vintage 8bit processors (HW, SW, book...)
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I have no money to spent, but this is my kudos to your effort!

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I am a big lover of vintage computers and I love to programming them. I appreciate you mention me on the Supporter page...

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I want you to make a new tools for us, old computer lovers!



About OMEN Micro

I am writing a book titled "Chips, Data, Processors" (my third book in the Czech language - a book 2a book 1) about microelectronics, microprocessors, and basic computer principles. I am illustrating them on simple constructions, based on well-known and famous 8bit CPUs, e.g. i8085, MOS6502 and MC6809.

(All is open source or at least "source available" - the book is licenced under the CC-BY-SA-NC license, the constructions and firmware is under the MIT / CERN OHL licenses)

My goal is to prepare a living ecosystem for retro computer lovers: I made an online assembler ASM80, now I am working on the universal BASIC compiler and I am making computer kits (I am selling them on Tindie).
20% complete
When I reach the $50 goal, I will test, create and made an open source peripheral circuit construction (keyboard, display, memory) for the OMEN computer each 3 months.
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