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Show general support for the project and get access to all standard game releases as PDF file via Patreon. Take part in the community and vote on upcoming releases and which subject we should cover next.
  • Support the continued development of this project.
  • Vote on what game system and subject to cover next!
  • Access to all standard game releases and addons as PDF via Patreon

Sheet Gourmet

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You have an acquired taste for good sheets!
  • Includes all the Sheet Supporter benefits in addition to those listed below. 
This tier includes all sheets and variations as well as all addons. If you eat sheets for breakfast - this is the main dish!
  • Beta access to all projects via Patreon
  • Access to all sheets and addons via Patreon


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Holy sheet you really love what i do! 

  • Includes all benefits of the Sheet Supporter tier. 
  • Includes all benefits of the Sheet Gourmet tier. 
At this stage i have nothing more to offer than my eternal gratitude. I will throw the occasional fun or side side project at you which might and might not include maps, wallpapers and logo art for your enjoyment.

  • Eternal Gratitude

About OldMightyFriendlyGamer

Hello everyone!

My name is Sven and I thought it was time to use my skills and talents for something useful. I have been a fan of TTRPGs for over 30 years and have come to know a variety of game systems in that time. For our private game sessions I have created maps, avatars and other creations again and again and made them available for friends to use and play with.

With my first creation for Patreon, the character sheet "Neon Noire", for the World of Darkness game Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition i want to start my journey and hope you'll like my creations and accompany me on our journey!

Why support this project?

  • To get access to sheet variations and addon sheets. 
  • To help me decide on which sheet or idea to work next. 
  • To instantly get notified once i release a project or an update.
  • To help me pay the bills to keep this project going (software, plugins etc.)
  • To give me a thumbs up and tell me to keep working on making more!

What systems are you going to support?

Currently i have set my eyes on creating sheets for the World of Darkness. Once we have covered all the basic system (V5 and all the upcoming 5th edition games as well as all the 20th anniversary games) i will start working on other systems. We can decide as a community which system to cover first.

How many sheets can we expect?

Creating the sheets takes a bit of time and depending on my workload and other activities i should be able to create 1 to 2 sheets a month. I will always keep you updated about my current projects and status. 

What programs do you use?
I use Affinity by Serif for most of my workloads. Some workflows, like the pdf creation, are being made within the Adobe Suite.

Can i share my file with others?
The idea of me offering my work over Patreon is pretty simple. Support what i do and get what i create for your personal use. Just tell your friends where to find and support me. Thanks. :)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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