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Thank you so much for joining us! We're looking forward to all manner of shenanigans with you:
  • Velvet Rope 3-day early access to event reservations
  • Early access to Tearoom Treasure Hunts & other contests
  • Receipt of our Gnusletter if you so desire (and sign up)
  • Take the Find Your Element quiz for free
  • General support toward costs of Meetup group, websites, et al
  • 1 Plunder ducat per month (to be applied toward swag)
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Get all the Recruit level perqs, plus:
  • Velvet Rope 4-day early access to event reservations
  • Mercantile Monday 3-day early access to merchandise & kits
  • A free digital copy of Peyton Drake's Omni Tale novellas as they publish (commencing 1 June 2020)
  • Invitation to join the new Bibliothefairies Kulture Klatsch to discuss books, film, shows, and music. 
  • Invitation to join the weekly author write-in hosted on Facebook by our arts nonprofit Whimsicalidocious
  • 3 Plunder ducats per month (to be applied toward swag; replaces previous level ducats)
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Get all of the Domesticrat perqs, plus:
  • Velvet Rope 5-day early access to merchandise offers & event reservations
  • Monthly drawing for a perq from a higher tier
  • PDF of a Cup of Mystery game (one-time gift after 3 months of continuous patronage at this level or higher)
  • Invitation to join our Discord channel (by request)
  • 5 Plunder ducats per month (to be applied toward swag; replaces previous level ducats)




"Omni offers an interactive approach to education, entertainment, and enrichment. Programs are designed to enable curious and imaginative souls to realize their creative dreams through fantastical theme events, artistic opportunities, and collaborative projects that transform ordinary existence into magical reality." Dynamic Dimensions magazine

Being afternoon tea lovers, we are dedicating our efforts (during the global health crisis) to promoting and supporting tearooms. To that end, we've created the Omni Tales & Tea Tour with monthly events and contests to win free spots!

Warning, the following was written by ascribe with a tongue-in-cheek affliction, and thus all that you read should be treated with the same gravity as an article published in The Onion (i.e. take it with heaping servings of salt ... A little curry wouldn't hurt either.)

Felilum and bennmush! I'm Joy, the Ocademy's plenipotentiary (ambassador) in your realm. I had been working with Omni and its local all-female adjunct Siren School for a decade in preparation of the Ocademy's official coming out party on 21 March 2020 at a sold-out IN YOUR ELEMENT tea. Then the world shut down. Some claim it is the doing of the XQ renegades who have been wreaking havoc across the dimensions. (Those who are up to date on Peyton Drake's Omni Tale are intimately familiar with the dangers XQ poses.)

When things get back to normal, the bulk of our activities will center on:
  • Theme events - when we are able to offer them again in keeping with prevailing health protocols. Patrons receive 'velvet rope' advance notice and early access to reservations.
  • Artistic opportunities - see a short piece you've written published in one of our anthologies, do scripted voiceover or a video newscast as part of our YouTube shows. The truly intrepid will have opportunities to perform in video productions and (eventually) live stage shows.
  • Ocademy-exclusive wares - expect everything from theme kits to Element of Surprise Parcels, SireniTea Samplers, novella-themed LiteraTea packages and more. Patrons receive advance notice and discounts on merchandise. 
  • Books! - A new installment of Peyton Drake's 49-novella Omni Tale will come out nearly monthly beginning June 2020 through January 2025. We will also offer a smattering of other ditties for your reading pleasure, including our community-contributed anthologies, and all manner of silly tomes.
  • We host a variety of active hubs on social media, ranging from groups with just a handful of folk to pages with more than 10K fans. 

So how does this work?

For those who are new to Patreon, it’s an arts crowd-funding system that builds community and fosters enriching relationships. Like a fine wine, the patron experience improves as it ripens, giving patrons and creators opportunities to grow together. If you want to get involved but aren’t sure which tier’s right for you, feel free to give one a test drive. They’re based on a monthly contribution, and you can change or discontinue your pledge level at any time.

Where do you fit in?
As part of our inner circle, you'll be privy to tons of stuff mere mortals can only dream of (*wink*). At a time when social media users are cursing their chosen platform's "algorithm," Patreon sends all patrons applicable posts via email, ensuring patrons never miss a post or announcement because of 'newsfeed' issues

(Pesky housekeeping note: You will be charged at the time you pledge. Thereafter, you will be charged at the beginning of each month. Thus, if you pledge on the 25th of the month, you'll be charged at that time as well as a week later when the first of the month rolls around ... Just letting you now so you don't freak out when the time comes. xo)

What sort of content will this page offer?
Depending on your tier, you'll get patrons-only content, can take online classes for free, be thanked in books, snag shwag, receive discounts on merchandise and in-person events … That sort of thing.

For now, take a gander at the tiered rewards in the sidebar to see what works best for you. 

P.S. For those looking for a tax write-off, visit our 501(c)(3) arts nonprofit Whimsicalidocious,

Thank you for your interest in Omni — where you're always in your element.

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Once we reach our monthly patronage goal, we can begin working toward a brick & mortar home base whence we can offer tea events, classes, special interest activities and all manner of wondrous doings with an eye toward showcasing talented artists and teachers.

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