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I'm @phoet on GitHub and Twitter and I'm the creator and maintainer of onruby.eu the community site especially for (but not exclusivly of) my beloved Ruby Usergroup Community in europe.

The purpose of that site is to give the usergroups a place where they can simplify the process of operating a local usergroup without hassle and cost. This is very similar to what Meetup.com does, it was actually built out of frustration with the usage of Meetup.

OnRuby is a no nagging, low maintenance, customizable, open-source alternative to Meetup. Visit the GitHub repository to learn more about the features and how you can get started with your own local (Ruby) community: https://github.com/phoet/on_ruby

The site is used to organize larger usergroups throughout europe: http://rug-b.de (Berlin) http://www.madridrb.com/ (Madrid) and https://hamburg.onruby.de/ (Hamburg) and more

What am I going to do with the money?

Firstly, I am going to fund the operation-cost of the site, that is run on Heroku, which is currently about 15 EUR/month.

Secondly, I have been planning on doing a redesign for years!!!11eleven, which has not happened for several reasons, mainly the lack of spare time and funds.

I hope you like this idea and are willing to contribute to the this work.

Another thing, your local developer community would really appreciate if you get more involved. Go to a meetup, talk to people, propose topics or even do a presentation. Those things do make a difference and help the organizers stay motivated and the local community thrive.


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