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About On Animation

On Animation is a blog that provides a daily dose of inspiration, carefully curated for the animation artist. It's our goal to get you fired up to create and contribute to this wonderful medium. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we like to sit down with the best in the industry and pick their brains.

We're producing a series of podcast interviews for the community. This content is perfect to listen to before or while you work. It's still early days, but the guest list is already impressive. While we'll be the first to admit that this is a guerrilla operation right now, we're learning quickly as we go. We'd love to spend more time with artists, increase the production value and frequency of our episodes, and market the interviews to the world. If you see potential in our content, and would like to support us, we'd greatly appreciate it!

With enough support we'll be able to offer exclusive interviews for patrons. You can also support us by sharing our work. Thanks for stopping by. :)
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