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Pledge $6 per month, and you will receive a digital copy of each chapter’s Patron-exclusive artwork. You will also be entered into a “shoutout sweepstakes”--in each episode, 3 patrons will be selected at random to be shouted out in the episode feed. You will also receive the script for each chapter at the same time as the release of the first episode–That’s right, the script for the full chapter, available in advance! Of course, you will also receive the ad-free episodes.


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We cannot thank you enough for your devotion of $12/month. In addition to all lower-tier rewards, you will receive the full chapter audio, continuous with no episode breaks, at the release of the final episode of each chapter. You will also receive in the mail a physical sticker of the Patreon-exclusive chapter artwork. You will also receive priority in our #AskTOAFN Q&A episodes. Should you so choose, you will have the chance to call in live with our cast to ask a question–Or, if you don’t want that attention, you can still submit written questions, and your submission will move to the top of the queue.




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About The Once And Future Nerd

What We Do:
THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD is an original narrative audio series about three high school students from modern-day Pennsylvania who end up in a medieval fantasy world. We try to poke fun at some of the genre's more socially problematic, silly, or just-plain-tired tropes, while still telling an engaging, character-driven story.

We release all episodes, along with occasional bonus content, on our website, You can also listen to our episodes via iTunes, or follow our RSS feed.

Why we're asking for money:
If you choose to make an ongoing contribution to THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD (see 'How Often You'll be charged' below), your money will be used to pay for the use of a professional recording studio, and then to compensate our incredibly talented cast and crew for their time. If you enjoy the show or support what we are trying to do, this is a great way to reward the people involved for all their hard work.

What happens if you pledge money:
Now matter how much you pledge, you will help our show get made and have our eternal gratitude. If you pledge at least one of the amounts listed below though, you'll get the corresponding awesome rewards!

How often you'll get charged:

You will be charged your pledge amount once a month. We will typically release content once a month. This will most often be main-story content, but some months will be Q&A Episodes and/or bonus fiction content (i.e. mini-episodes set in our world of Iorden that are not directly a part of the main plot). If the show is ever expecting an extended break between content release, we will pause the Patreon so that you will not be charged. Please note, however--The Once And Future Nerd is a massive, sprawling show, featuring more than a dozen voice actors, and relying on the work of professional sound engineers to produce the crisp audio you are used to. We are asking for your support in the production of this show, not just asking you to pay for each individual episode as it comes out. Due to the massive cost of running such an enterprise (and the fact that producing these episodes requires us to pay our talented folks at the time they do the work, which may be before the time that the episode is released to you), there may be an occasional month in which we do not release any content, but your Patreon will nonetheless be charged. We will be very transparent in advance about when these months will occur--if you would not be comfortable with this, please feel free to cancel your pledge during those months, or to reach out to us to discuss. You can also cancel your ongoing pledge at any time, for any reason.
$726.30 of $850 per month
If we hit $850 per episode, we'll release a second one-time commentary track for a prior chapter!
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