The Once And Future Nerd is creating an original Fantasy Audiodrama podcast


$1 /creation
Pledge $1 per episode and you'll receive every episode the night before it's available to the general public, as well as the option to download at a high fidelity version for any audiophiles out th...


$3 /creation
Pledge $3 per episode and receive each PDF script an episode in advance! That's right, read the future! In addition, at the end of each chapter (4 - 5 episodes, comprising a single themati...

Commune With The Sprites

$5 /creation
Pledge $5 per episode, and earn the right to commune with the sprites! Send in questions for the creators, cast, or crew via email (AMA style) and once per chapter we will release answers exclusive...

Galadon's Great Mercy!

$30 /creation
First  Thank you! Secondly, at this level you will receive an associate producer credit, read during all future episodes. We will promote anything you want (caveats for offensive, etc et...