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  • Feel good knowing you’re helping to bring hope, happiness, and healing to the world
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About Ondre & The Book of Life

Welcome to the world of Frequencies, and a community committed to real change, created by Dr. Ondre Seltzer and following the Frequency Energy Medicine Book of Life. Welcome to hope, happiness, and healing.  Learn more about each of your benefits below:

Podcasts (Tier 1 & up)
Two shows with Ondre every week to strengthen and enhance your Book of Life journey. These shows will help keep you connected, on track with your goals, and walking your best path all month long:

1. Empower Your Week Podcast: to start the week, you'll receive a show with a guided meditation, Frequency Scopes (energy readings for your astrological sign), and intuitive insight and inspiration for that week ahead.

2. The Spiritual Biscuit Podcast: What on earth is a spiritual biscuit? It's a fun and satiating bite of spirituality. Sit back with your tea & biscuits, call in for intuitive answers to those life-changing questions, and be inspired by conversations with the other side. This show is also broadcasted live on Wednesdays at 6pm PT.

Hard Copy Book of Life (Tier 2 & up)
A year-long guided journal with prompts, charts, mantras, healing tools, daily writing space, and a guiding energetic insight for each specific month. Designed by Ondre with the principles of Frequency Energy Therapies, it is both a guidebook and a logbook of your life to help you self-heal, stay motivated, and live your life to the fullest. 

Digital Book of Life (Tier 2 & up)
A downloadable, fillable version of the Book of Life so you can have your pages with you everywhere you go. 

The Book of Life Class (Tier 2 & up)
A 30 minute live zoom class on the first Monday of every month with predictions, guidance, and empowerment. Discover the energy of the month and how to best align your own frequency and your actions with the natural course to stay above the noise and achieve your goals.

Aftershow Conversations (Tier 3 & up) 
Every other Wednesday night, you have an opportunity to join Ondre for 30 minutes to have a personal, behind the scenes conversations after the live version of The Spiritual Biscuit. Decode the messages shared on the live show, learn about the cases that came up from live callers, and go behind the scenes with Ondre.

Book of Life Workshop (Tier 4 only)
A 90minute interactive and immersive energetic experience directly with Ondre every first Monday of the month. An in-depth workshop for those people who want to expand their possibilities each month, reach their goals, and live their highest frequency. 

Who is Dr. Ondre?
Dr. Ondre is an internationally recognized intuitive medium and healer with over 25 years of experience in the world of energy medicine and the study of the paranormal. Ondre holds several PhDs in Integrated Medicine, Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine, and Natural Health Sciences.

Dr. Ondre is the founder of ONDRE™ Frequency Energy Therapies and a noted bio-botanical formulator with several patents in the natural health field. He is also a certified Wellness Counselor and a consultant in the film industry.
Born in the industrial north of England, Dr. Ondre moved to the United States to contribute to the dynamic complementary medicine movement and expand the reach of Frequency Energy Medicine™. He now travels internationally consulting, lecturing and leading workshops to raise awareness of the powerful results that can be achieved through energy-based therapies. He is the force behind hundreds of success stories, from medical miracles to the rise of top celebrities. Dr. Ondre has dedicated his life to helping others to find hope, happiness, and healing.

Dr. Ondre’s mission is to teach others how to harness their own energy in order to live in a more harmonious way with nature, and become in tune with the natural power and resources within themselves and their environment. Each individual has incredible gifts that often remain hidden. Dr. Ondre helps unlock those hidden secrets for a more powerful and purposeful life.

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