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Patrons get the output of my work every month: additional gameplay elements and music,  upgrades of the environment and sounds.

Everyone who supports me with a combined amount of 30$ or more will also get the full game when released




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About Ondrej Svadlena

Hello! I'm Ondrej Svadlena, an award-winning animation filmmaker with a particularly strong focus on pushing the boundaries and exploring new territories of the audio-visual medium.

Welcome to everybody who already knows my work and accompanied the evolution of my game project from the beginning, welcome to everyone who just opened the doors of this immersive video game experience: BEWARE demo - download

During the years of working on my independent animation films, almost all of my fans have expressed their interest and longing for remaining much longer in the atmospheric and organic, surreal worlds I had created, saying they would have loved to extend their own experiences within the films, beyond their brevity.

This was like music to my ears and like a calling I had to follow.

I already had the experience and determination of learning by doing and having self-taught myself CGI animation during my master studies of classical animation in the late nineties, at that time confronting my former professor with my first 3D productions and my burning interest for that upcoming medium.
It was logical to step further and consider the interactive aspect of video games.
Because of my natural-born passion for learning and deep preoccupation with game development as a means of expression, wanting to contribute to strengthen its status quo as an artistic means, I began to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for accomplishing this new challenge and started creating the game‘s universe that evolved, "through organic development, prototyping and iterating", into BEWARE.

At this point, I want to thank an old fan of my process-oriented work on this project for his above-quoted words, for sharing this expression with me and today with all of you who will experience this demo, the making of the project‘s prologue and every further step of the game‘s development.
I would also like to thank all journalists who, with their articles, perceived at a quite early stage my will to make a lasting contribution to game development per se and strongly encouraged my work, showcasing: BEWARE is on the right path.

Why Patreon?

Currently, the game's environment is ready to be populated with the content I have been imagining during the last couple of years. To me, Patreon seems it could be an extremely valuable intermediate station for implementing those new elements, learning how you felt while experiencing them and fleshing out the story and feel of the full game. Last but not least, I believe that communicating inside a smaller Beware community on Patreon will be more overseeable and focused.

I am thrilled to invite you to take part in the working process, at it's first impact, with you as its most vital element: its main characters, who will co-found, co-work, co-exist, who will feel every breath I take and every heart-beat during our common journey to its final completion.

So what's the plan?

In the upcoming months, the game's currently limited amount of gameplay and content will evolve under your eyes, together with the open world hosting them, as you empower me to further push the boundaries of game development. Join me and enjoy life, art, gaming, intuition, trial and error, challenging your mind and soul.

Thank you in advance, lets make this happen, together!
$1,895.83 of $2,000 per month
Reaching $2000 per month will enable me to continue working full-time on BEWARE.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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