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You’ll also get access to our patron-only blog where we share previews for upcoming projects before anyone else knows.

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We love feedback on the games we review. This is an opportunity to suggest a game we should review and even share your thoughts. Twice a year, we'll ask you to suggest a game that should be reviewed at We'll spend time reviewing the game and even ask you for your thoughts that will be added as part of the feature. This is a great way to share one of your favorite games with a broader audience.

You’ll also receive our “reverse birthday present” in June, an invite to the One Board Slack Channel and get access to our patron-only blog.




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About One Board Family

Our family has been in love with tabletop gaming for years. We've created so many relationships and shared in community through this great hobby. Family and friends are regularly asking us "What are you playing?" or "What games should our family check out?"

We've decided to keep this conversation going by creating Since June 2016 we've created content that has helped families find games that help make connections to the people around them. We've featured interviews with incredible designers, shared new games that are being published through Kickstarter and written features on how to find the best games money can buy. We're hoping to bring accessible and family friendly board games to all those that are wondering what they should play this weekend.

The support we receive from Patreon is so important because it allows us to purchase the latest games to share with you. These funds also allow us to attend events and conventions so we can keep up to date with the games that will hit store shelves in the coming months. The support of our Patreon donors means more than you know.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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