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Music + Drinking + Game Show = America!

The One Bourbon, One Chard, Or One Beer Podcast takes America's two favorite pastimes -- music and drinking -- and filters them through America's third favorite pastime: Competitive Sports!

Every Thursday, one of the podcast's co-hosts Stub and Kern will assume the umpire's chair while the other host competes with our Very Special Guest to determine which of the nine song's in the umpire's playlist are beer songs, wine songs, or spirit songs.

You score points for guessing correctly and can earn bonus points for guessing the exact beverage the umpire paired with each song. After all nine innings, the winner is crowned and adorned in glory; the loser is mocked, ridiculed, and bathed in weighted heaps of shame.

REMEMBER: One Bourbon, One Chard, Or One Beer is a drinking game you can play at home while you listen. Check out all the rules at And send us your suggestions for song/drink pairings or your critique of the beverages we chose on our facebook page, on Twitter at @1Bourbon1Chard, or via email at [email protected] IF your suggestions are good enough, we'll feature them in the future mini-sode!
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