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The Selfless Dedication 無私奉献
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thank you for tracked! you are the best patrens!

I will try my best to speed up the creative process!

The See Through A Brick Wall明察秋毫
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Congratulations on getting hi-res

A Glimpse Into The Threshold窺其門徑
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my creative agility +1 !!thank you! 

you can get my psd file!

DIY the post by Switching layers!

The dragon eyes畫龍點睛
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my base intelligence +1  !!thank you!

I will  bring out the crucial point of the post!

sometimes you will get new contain head portrait  

sometimes you will get the "dragon eyes"XD




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hello my friends!!

welcome to my patreon page
this is onekotan!!
continues to create FAN ARTS!(if becoming my patrons XD)
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  • what ever you get any doujinshi artworks or jp style characters design orders
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  • ピクシブからの方々へ、ようこそ!
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restart my original comic 《Ciel Flame 》project
  • synopsis
  1. Terran travels to a strange world, after suffering an apocalyptic disaster on earth
  2. Several other RACES also suffered from the disaster.After years of war and conflict.Some are wiped out, and the rest form alliances against the rebels and unknown creatures.
  3. Terran initiated the invitation, established the union army and established the specialized military academy, trains the outstanding soldier.
  4. A group of freshmen see through a political conspiracy by different coincidences
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