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About onemansymphony + BT Lomax

You can access to the public library at these websites:

All of our songs are completely free to use and download, and they will always be. 

1. How Do Patreon Tiers Work?

We're giving away every song we produced and want them to be accessible by anyone so every person can use them in their project freely. We don't offer any benefits. You can access to all of our songs and sound effects on Bandcamp and on the official website, for free. It is not neccessary to subscribe to any tier, but seeing the project getting some support from you guys would encourage us to produce more tracks!

2. The Reason Why This Page Exists

To be able to produce different type of materials and songs in different genres, we need to invest in more virtual instruments and tools to capture a better sounding songs. The donations we'll be getting through here will be used for buying new equipments and VST's and some other recording devices along with some reference monitors.

3. License Information

All tracks that we've released and will be releasing, fall under the Creative Commons 4.0 license which means:

  1. You can use these tracks both in personal and commercial projects such as films, games, channels, apps, slides, etc.
  2. You can build material upon them in any medium or format, and redistribute them for any purposes.

There are only two things that we ask from you which are:

  1. If possible, please provide an appropriate credit (For example; "Originally Composed by or") and give a link to the license which is (We are aware of that under some circumstances, you might not be eligible for providing attribution. And if that's the case for you, you can skip this step.)
  2. Please be aware of that you can not sell these tracks directly without our authorisation.

4. Current Goal Of The Project

Currently, there are over 150 songs in the public library. We're planning to expand this library's content as much as we can by adding more tracks in different genres and sound effects.

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