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About One Piece Unleashed

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your support and for visiting this page!

One Piece Unleashed is a humorous fan project dedicated to bringing One Piece's Arabasta Arc to life. Our main series right now is the Joke Reels, a collection of comedic scenes that parody the events of Arabasta. These clips feature original comic art from artist Elekid11, who also did a hand-drawn animated version of One Piece's 15th opening "We Go".

Each episode will feature different humor styles, so even if you don't find a particular joke to be funny, we hope to make you laugh at some point during the show! The "Gold Roger" narration will also be different in each episode. We have fully written and recorded six episodes of the Joke Reels, with the first two episodes already edited and uploaded. 

We are One Piece lovers, art lovers, and comedy lovers. It would be our dream to make people laugh and smile at these clips, no matter how absurd or silly they can be! Your pledges will help make this dream come true. Even pledging $1 per episode to this fan-fueled project will not just make our day, but our entire year! Episodes 1 and 2 are available free to everyone; the remaining episodes will be available to patrons only. Patrons also get a bunch of really cool bonuses and rewards! If we raise $400 per episode, we will hire a professional video editor to make our episodes even better.

Thanks again, and hope you enjoy the show! :)
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  • Access to behind-the-scenes recording sessions
  • Access to a bonus scene available for patrons only
  • Access to two patron-only voice acting tutorials
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  • Special thanks credit with your name starting in Episode 3 and beyond
  • Video message from the director to each individual patron
  • Plus all previous rewards
One Piece Buff
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  • Live online call or chat with core member(s) of the crew
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  • Monthly patron-only fun livestream!
  • Full access to the script (including our notes)
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  • Early access to all new releases
  • Downloadable versions of each episode
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Straw Hat Crew Member
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  • Access to all files used in making One Piece Unleashed (including all recording files and recording sessions)
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Our Savior
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  • 1 hour private voice acting coaching session with our Voice Director
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When we reach $400 per episode, we'll hire a professional video editor to improve the quality of our episode editing!
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