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As a friend & fan of One Soul Thrust (1ST), you are helping produce everything we do! Currently that means the 4th 1ST album as well as videos & shows.

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- Our EXTREME appreciation and we can assure you that you have a special place on the Altars of our Rockin' Hearts. 1ST is basically a "Secret Rock Society" with a focus on interacting with our fans and creating music in a pure, positive and organic way. As a member of our group of loyal fans, you help us stay focused!

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All of the previous level's rewards plus... - As projects proceed we'll post in-studio videos and updates. We may even post preview snippets of current work.
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- AND you get to be "in the know" in a very special way. ;)

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About One Soul Thrust

Hail Lovers of Rock! Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Historically, musicians have always had Patrons. The 20th (and 21st) century idea of not having that kind of support & being sold like chewing gum is relatively new & not at all viable (or tasteful) for many of us. We're One Soul Thrust & we're lifelong, committed musicians who, in spite of that chewing gum analogy, continue to make music. Because we must. This isn't a path you choose; it chooses you. We have musicianship, experience, a unique & gifted songwriter & our own rock vibe when we play together. As time has passed, it has become more & more challenging to continue to release musical works. As you may know, it costs many thousands of dollars to properly record, produce & release an album of quality. Each album is an investment that indie artists make out of our own pockets. On top of that, gigs/shows are pay-to-play. (Translation: you pay to go to work, instead of the place where you work paying you for your time & services. Ludicrous, isn't it?) This unreal reality has driven a lot of us underground, into our own studios. Now the studio is great fun, but performance is where the most Magick is. It's our favourite thing to do & where we really shine because Things Happen. Things that never happened before & never happen again. That's The Art of Performance & it's crucial for Fans & Artists alike. It's a symbiotic relationship that must be fed for us all to grow within that Relationship. Performance is as Real as it ever gets. The Gift of the difficulty of producing any kind of musical work, especially an event - & a rock show must be an event - is that we see that DIY can really mean DIYWF (Do It Yourself With Friends). We realize that we need assistance in presenting shows, not to mention, we need assistance to simply continue to do everything a band does. Care to be a part of our work, making us a part of your World? It would be cool to have our Life Journeys intersect in this way. Help us continue to do what we do- make music, record it, video it, play it live- and help us raise the bar on the standards we're able to offer you, since in our experience, Lovers of Music are The Best.  Please read on...

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