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About Eric Zimmer

The One You Feed is a weekly podcast that explores various topics related to creating a life worth living by interviewing respected authors, researchers, teachers, mental health professionals, spiritual gurus & other thought leaders about their particular areas of expertise.

We started the show almost five years ago as a true passion project. As the show has grown, we’ve been amazed by how many lives it has touched. Every week we receive feedback from members of our listener community recounting the ways in which content from an episode has helped them along their life’s path and touched them in some profound way.

The One You Feed remains free to our listeners, but it’s not free for us to produce.

The reality is that hosting the podcast comes with substantial costs. All of these costs really add up and to date we've paid for them largely out of our own pockets. The show has grown so much over the past three years that this method of financing the show is no longer sustainable.

To that end, we need your help to continue putting out great content each week.

We are happy to offer membership to this, our Patreon community, as a means for our listeners to help support The One You Feed while also getting some cool bonuses in return! If you help us reach our goals, we’ll be able to offer even MORE valuable content for you to enjoy. We have some big ideas for the future and we need your help to make them happen.

Any amount of money helps! We want to thank you, in advance, for your pledge. We promise to put each dollar to careful, good use. We are so grateful for our listeners and contributions to this campaign. We wouldn’t be us without you.

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