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  •  Exclusive Access to Bonus Segments 
  •  Early Access to Episodes (*When Applicable and Subject to
    Recording Schedule)
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  • Exclusive Access to Bonus Segments 
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  • Exclusive Access to Bonus Segments 
  • Access to Patreon-Exclusive Monthly Vlogs 
  • Access to Topic/Game Voting
  • Weekly Shoutout as a "Patreon Producer" 
  • One 30-Minute Guest Spot on our Show 
  • Early Access to Episodes (*When Applicable and Subject to   Recording Schedule) 
  • 14-Day Early Access to Special Features




About the Online Warriors Podcast

The Online Warriors is a multi-subject podcast that strives to keep you entertained. Our main interests lie in the realm of technology, video games, movies and books. Every episode, we'll have in depth discussions on some of our favorite titles or some of the latest news in the tech and entertainment industry. Our podcasts can be found on every major podcast platform including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher,, and the Google Play Music Store.

With this Patreon, we hope to engage even further with our audience and allow opportunity for growth so that we can provide the best content possible. As we grow, we want the show to accurately reflect the vision and needs of our Online Warriors community. We hope you can consider contributing so we can create the best show possible!

Please note: The main podcast will ALWAYS be free.

Who are the hosts?

  • Techtic: A nerdy engineer with fungal tendencies. Man, this guy can really grow on you. Also really into dad jokes - but not a dad. His focused interest area is technology and scientific applications, but he also enjoys reading up on comics, binge-watching Netflix and catching the latest movies.

  • Illeagle: A PhD student who still doesn't know what his research is about. But he likes talking about books, movies, games and stuff. His expertise lies in the realm of film - he actually writes movie reviews on the side - but he also enjoys gaming and television.

  • Nerdbomber: A huge nerd who obviously watched too much Full House as a kid. May still be a giant kid. Jury is still out. The resident "expert" on video games at Online Warriors, she also enjoys movies, long Netflix sessions, and reading a good book.

What do I get if I become a Patron?

That's a great question! We like to think we've assembled a lot of nice goodies to thank you for becoming our Patron! Check out what you get with each knight-themed tier below.

Tier 1: The Page

  • Shoutout during the cast after the first week you subscribe. Pretty self-explanatory. We'll give you a grateful shoutout during the next episode we record after you subscribe!

  • Access to our Q&A Submission. At the end of every episode, if we have any questions from our Patron's, we'll do our best to answer them! Ask us anything! *Note, number of questions answered per episode will vary based on time, but a minimum of 3 Q&A questions will be answered per episode. Any "runover" questions will be address in future episodes or special segments - but we will get to them!

  • Exclusive Access to Bonus Segments. Periodically, we will record awesome bonus segments. Aside from teaser clips that may appear on social media and YouTube to promote the Patreon, the full segments will only be able to accessed EXCLUSIVELY by our Patreon subscribers

  • Early access to podcast episodes*. We typically record our episodes in advance. You'll get early access to podcast episodes right here on our Patreon as soon as they're ready. *Note, this may not always be applicable and is subject to our recording schedule. Episodes could be a couple hours early to a few days early, to not early at all.

Tier 2: The Squire

  • All benefits from Tier 1.

  • Access to Patreon-Exclusive Monthly Vlogs. Every month, there will be one exclusive monthly vlog video from one or more of our creators! This will give you a behind the scenes look at what we do in preparation for the podcast, or what we've got going on in our lives!

  • Access to Topic/Game Voting. Each week, we will have voting to help us select the news topics OR game category covered on our podcast episode! Polls will open the morning before recording and close 2 hours before episode records.

  • 14-Day Early Access to Special Features. Occasionally, the team will produce “Special Feature” videos on YouTube that can span anything from unboxing videos to Let’s Plays. You’ll receive 14-day exclusive early access to the videos before they go public!

Tier 3: The Knight

  • All benefits from Tier 1 and Tier 2.

  • Weekly Shoutout as a "Patreon Producer." Each week, you will get a shoutout as one of our charitable "Patreon Producers" during the episode for the duration of your subscription.

  • One 30-Minute Guest Spot on our Show. Want to weigh in and guest spot on our show? You'll get the opportunity to arrange one 30-minute guest segment on our show! *Note: You are eligible to receive this benefit after 3 consecutive months subscribed at this tier. We will work with you to coordinate time/episode appearance.
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Our initial goal is to make enough money to support our podcast hosting fees. When we meet this goal, our podcast will be self-sustaining (as in, all hosting fees will be paid for). This will help us to continue creating the podcast for as long as we possibly can!
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