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is creating advice on how not to be a d!ck to trans and non-binary folks

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"I'm sorry for misgendering you!"
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Have you accidentally misgendered me? Instead of centring yourself in your apology to me, help me normalise the idea of cis people paying trans and non-binary folks for our emotional labour. 
"Is it ok to ask a trans person this?"
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Do you have a question that you really, really want to ask a trans person, but you're not sure if you're allowed to? Send them to me, and I'll answer them in an insensitive questions amnesty and tell them when you definitely shouldn't ask another trans person the same question.
"Is this annoyingly cisnormative?"
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Want to make sure that your project or plans is inclusive of trans and non-binary folks? Run it past me and I'll let you know if I think you're being overly cisnormative and offer tips on how to make your work more inclusive.




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Hey folks, I'm Quinn Rhodes. I'm a queer, trans and disabled sex writer and my pronouns are ze/hir. Even though my blog is full of explicit content, my Patreon account is surprisingly SFW: this where I offer advice on how not to be a d!ck to trans and non-binary folks.

About me

I'm ethical slut, a polyamorous feminist, and an enthusiastic pervert. I'm also sex nerd with vaginismus. I never thought I’d be fulfilling my childhood dream of being a writer by writing about sex, but nowadays I spend my days blogging about butt plugs, writing about my worst sex adventures, and creating audio porn.

I came out as trans on my sex blog in February 2020. I describe myself as genderqueer, gender fluid and transmasc. 

About my Patreon

My Patreon started as a place for folks to support my Audio Porn project, and I offered early access to the aural filth I made before I published it on my blog. I also wrote and shared bonus filth for Patreon supporters every month. 

Today my Patreon is a place where I help educate people on how to be inclusive of trans and non-binary folks. While I don't have to be nice to people who misgender me, I do want to help folks understand how they can be better allies. Pledging to my Patreon means you can ask me questions on how to be more inclusive, and get access to advice on how not to be a d!ck to trans people. 

It's ok not to understand all the language used in trans and non-binary communities, but you have to actively put in effort to learn. While no trans or non-binary folks should have to answer intrusive questions from cis folks, I want to create a space where cis people CAN ask those questions, as a way to help them understand why 'what are your pronouns?' is an acceptable question but 'what's in your pants?' is not. 

If you don't need my advice on how not to be a d!ck to trans and non-binary folks, supporting me on Patreon helps me keep sex blogging in a cisnormative society. Even a small pledge really makes a huge difference and lets me create new fuck-positive content every week.

Thank you for helping me normalise idea that cis people should pay trans and non-binary folks for our emotional labour.

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