On the Business of Sex

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About On the Business of Sex

Hi, I’m Reba. I am a sex educator. That means I’m a sex worker, right? The more time I’ve spent in this field, the more I’ve wondered, what exactly is “sex work” and who exactly are “sex workers”? Because it is a very stigmatized field (despite it being one of the oldest ones on the planet), we lack information about it.

I wanted to know more. Do other sex educators like myself consider themselves sex workers? What are some of the many career fields that fall under this label? And how can I bring this information to light?

Why? Because here’s what I do know. The system that oppresses and vilifies open and healthy sexuality is the same system that demeans the lives of those who are not straight, white, cishet, land-holding men. And we need to work together to dismantle the very tenets that the patriarchy is founded upon. Pleasure is a form of resistance to the system that oppresses us. If we can give agency to people by teaching people about their bodies, we can dismantle that system one orgasm at a time. Reba - Laurie - one orgasm at a time

This podcast is my attempt to answer these questions by meeting and speaking with professionals in the sex industry. I ask them how they chose their careers, what kind of training they got, and what it’s like to be in the sex industry. This is my journey.

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