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About Maria Kotylevskaja

My name is Maria and I am a freelance photographer currently based in Berlin, Germany.
I love strolling around the streets with my camera as much as working with a model in front of my lens. But it is the field of nude photography where I enjoy my creativity to the full. 

Unfortunately I can't afford to shoot as often as I would love to on a free basis with my models. So with your support you help me to produce more natural pictures of great and inspiring women. 

It means the world to me, if you support my art!

Your patronage leads to more authentic photography created by a female photographer, a female gaze. Especially analogue photography is something I would love to do more as I don't edit anything on my models on these pics. Film and development is really expensive, so you can be sure that the money I earn here will be reinvested in my equipment. 

I create exclusive content for my patrons! This means there are a few implied or uncensored nude pictures that are shared only here or sometimes even whole sets! I share making of's & behind the scenes and give early access to important updates.  

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I would be able to produce more exclusive sets for my patrons! I would love to travel to other cities for shoots with different models and buy a lot of analogue film and polaroids for that.
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