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About Open5e

What is Open5e?

Open5e is an open resource of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules and tools that serves over 125,000 players, DMs, and content-creators every month. (Fun fact: you guys really love reading about monks!)

We are firmly ad-free. You will never see an ad or a link to a store on Open5e. Frustration with advertising is a big part of why we started the site; that's why we're asking for your support to make this resource better.

You can join the Open5e Discord if you want to talk about rules, references, homebrew, development, art, or just running great games.

Why a Patreon now after more than a year? runs on a free hosting service. This has worked well so far, but has kept us from fulfilling some long-standing requests like improved search and a proper API.

To do these awesome things, the site will need to move to a more robust (and more costly) setup. We also need art, which is where most patreon funds will go after covering initial server costs.

What's the status of development? When launch?

We have settled on Python and DjangoREST for building the new backend, and Vue.js as a frontend. Over on our Github you can check out the current build. We've got the API working and a frontend that looks darn close to the current site.

In addition to launching with a free API for both content and search, the re-launch will offer some major improvements to on-site search. The first big improvement is content-specific result previews: that means monster stats for monsters and spell stats for spells, right on the search page!

We are on track for a beta launch by the end of September and are hoping to re-launch the site sometime in October depending on how the beta goes.

What about the art?

Our official artist, Violet Kirk, has started creating previews for our first art goal: popular monsters and items. Later goals will include adding (free!) downloadable tokens as well. All this art will be licensed Creative Commons Non-Commercial. That means you'll be free to use and remix it in any homebrew content as long as you're not charging for it.

Here's a preview of the kind of quality content you can expect to see more of: 

$22.63 of $50 per month
We can host a session! 

At this point, we will be able to cover the minimum costs for a new hosting solution that meets our current usage needs plus a reasonable buffer for scaling up our servers
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