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Any donations we receive subsidise travel time, travel expenses and provision of a haircut to someone on a low income, or who otherwise can't get to Open Barbers for access reasons. 

Thank you for supporting this work, keeping Open Barbers accessible and affordable!

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£3.00 per month is the equivalent of a single tube journey for our home visits hair stylist to reach a client within London's zones 1 and 2.

Thank you for supporting this work, keeping Open Barbers accessible and affordable!

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£7.00 per month pays for 30 minutes of our home visits hair stylist's time in cutting hair or travelling to a client's home.

Thank you for supporting this work, keeping Open Barbers accessible and affordable!




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About Open Barbers

Open Barbers is a team of queer and trans hairdressers and artists who work together at Open Barbers C.I.C salon in London. This creative team of individuals have found each other as a result of at least one common belief - that there is a desperate need for an affordable and accessible hair salon that doesn't presume or judge people's identities. Since 2016, our collective dreams have been channeled into our very own salon in London, where communities come together for haircuts and so much more!

Open Barbers is a hairdressing service for all lengths, genders and sexualities, co-directed by Felix Lane, Greygory Vass and Toddy Peters. We are a registered Social Enterprise (community interest company number 9335422) Founded in 2011, the project based its ethos around personal experiences of being turned away from 'men only' barbershops and feminine styling in 'women's' or 'unisex' hair salons. For the founders, it was impossible to have their style and identity respected in these binary and stereotypical environments, so they decided to use build on self taught skills by qualifying as hairdressers and setting up their own space! The salon is now valued and appreciated by hundreds of clients with a vast range of genders, sexualities, ethnicities, disabilities and income levels, and our salon appeals most to those who have been at the sharp end of discrimination most of their lives and are looking for a safer and non-judgemental environment to get a haircut.

Through this Patreon scheme we are looking to increase our reach to people in financial difficulty and those with disabilities and / or mental health support requirements. Currently 12% of our clients can only afford £2 - £10 for a haircut. These appointments have been described as a 'life saver' for people in short or long term financial struggle. Equally, our sliding scale pricing approach to all appointments (£2 - £50 for up to 90 minutes) are so essential for people who require the time and support with their hairdresser to work out a change in style that suits their identity without feeling rushed or pressured. We are looking to continue the number of home haircuts we provide for clients whose access requirements make it impossible for them to visit our wheelchair accessible salon, due to high care needs, poor transport options or lack of PA support. In 2018, we delivered 51 home haircuts,  and the time and cost involved in traveling to people's homes requires subsidising, without which some of the most vulnerable members of our communities remain isolated and lacking in opportunities for a haircut tailored to their needs.

A monthly Patreon donation will enable Open Barbers to continue delivering affordable haircuts, keep appointment lengths generous to those who need more time, and cover the time and travel costs associated with home visits for those who otherwise find it impossible to visit our shop. With enough support, we can extend this funding resource to better meet the access needs of our own team, many of whom also have mental health challenges, disabilities and child care needs which can impact on their ability to work, sometimes at short notice. In addition, we can continue to invest in access improvements to team and clients within the salon.

If you believe in accessible and affordable haircuts for all, please help any way you can!

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