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  • Access to all digital content and patron-only feed, plus any physical CDs and DVDs that we put out
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Open Classical
is a unique organization doing incredible and vital things in the classical music world. With your subscription, we can expand our reach and programs, and create a vibrant, lasting impact on everyday culture.

As we begin this campaign, we currently average just under $1000 per month in small cash donations taken at our Classical Open Mic events. We ask our valued friends and supporters of these events to become monthly patrons through Patreon. The rewards listed here are also available if you prefer to support yearly. Simply use the donation page on our website.

Classical music is a powerful art form and is loved by 100’s of millions of people. As the only type of music able to take the listener on a continuous journey of emotions, it can be an artistic experience unlike any other. Yet, classical music is often perceived to be on the wane and the industry as a whole is often seen as elitist and out of touch from the general public. Some organizations see these as problems of marketing, but we see these perceptions as containing uncomfortable truths. We aim to change that and have a plan that is working right now.

Open Classical is tackling the issues facing classical music in vital ways that the large established organizations are not equipped to do successfully. Our approach is to create ground-up structures which mirror those found naturally in the pop music world. Because the classical music industry is a purely top-down structure, the big money spent at the top completely drives the conversation as to what classical musicians should strive for and what they should expect from audiences. Without the confines of the traditional audiences and structures, we don’t take any of the conventional wisdom for granted, and are able to experiment freely, creating innovations that have proven to be both entertaining and effective.


1. Classical Open Mic (free for the public)
We use this event to create communities that use classical music as a social glue, reinvigorate the love of music in adult amateurs, and provide performance opportunities for classical musicians that can directly connect with fans. Everything that a pop music open mic does, except with generally much more awesome performers, and a paid piano accompanist that will sight read anything from violin concertos to opera arias. This event has reached many people who didn’t previously have a background in classical music, but who discovered it and developed a connection for the music and performers. We currently run 7+ events a month at 3 locations in DFW.

With your help, we can expand this important event to other cities and train people how to create the atmosphere that has made the event so successful. With a $20/month subscription, you can be the named sponsor at one classical open mic per year.

2. Professional Level Chamber Music in Relaxed Venues (priced like a movie ticket)
Known as the “Open Classical Artist Series”, these are ticketed concerts placed in venues where the audience can usually eat and drink, like rock club listening rooms or private rooms in restaurants. These are listening experiences, many times in amplified settings. There is a focus on up and coming performers and new composition that takes the audience on a journey of emotions. We do each program multiple times, generally in each of the cities we have grown a community through the open mics. Our successful February 2015 program featured 3 local contemporary composers along with a couple of historical greats, and drew 250 people between the 4 shows. We do 4 to 6 different Artist Series programs each year, with multiple concerts of each program.

With your help, we can expand this to other cities, creating a mid-level touring route for emerging performers and composers, making it financially viable to bring groups from NY and LA to Texas and vice versa. This is something that doesn't exist today at all. If we are successful, this will likely have a huge impact on the classical music industry and will foster self-organization and innovation among performers and composers.
With only a $5/month subscription, you get 4 tickets yearly.

3. Popular Appeal Theater Shows and Crossover Concepts

We also like to mix art with fun, and our theater style productions are innovative and highly entertaining. We’ve created shows like “The Bach and Wing”, combining live classical music and 9 tap dancers, “The True (Not Exactly True) Story of Thanksgiving”, an original comic operetta that changes the words of popular classical music masterpieces to tell the Thanksgiving story in a hilarious way. “Classically Jazzed” creates jazz versions of baroque violin concertos. “Bach Suites and Two Feet Beats” is another collaboration with tap dance choreographer Katelyn Harris as well.

In addition, we have done shows in Dallas’ central Klyde Warren Park that have drawn 1000-1500 people. “Night of the Living Dead Composers” is a yearly costume comedy show. “Music Moves” is a collaboration with multiple dance companies and a live chamber orchestra.

While these highly entertaining theater shows may not be changing the world, they sure are a ton of fun and enable us to reach out to a wider audience and raise the visibility of all our programs. So, in that sense, I guess they are helping us change the world! Many of them are of the quality to be able to tour or to use as assets as we expand to other cities. They also cost money to produce, so your support can make a big difference.

With your help, we can raise the quality of the productions, afford more rehearsals, better tech capabilities and bring these productions to the professional level they warrant. With a $20/month subscription, you get 4 theater show tickets/year plus 4 Artist Series show tickets.

4. New Works
Without new music that appeals to a wide part of the classical music audience, classical music will eventually fade and go away. It’s just inevitable, and there’s no amount of jazzing up Vivaldi that will stop that. If every rock band now were a Beatles cover band, rock music wouldn’t be doing nearly as well as classical music, which has weathered that very same situation since even before the Beatles. There hasn’t been a new composer capturing wide public attention for nearly 70 years, and the change in culture we aim for has a direct aim at fixing that situation.

If a touring route can be established where new works to be played, listened to and enjoyed instead of being submitted to a panel for an academic competition, talented people will rise to the occasion and the world will once again be filled with great new classical music. When classical open mic becomes the musical salons of our day, composers, performers and public will once again be joined in a symbiotic relationship as they were a century ago.

With your help we can call for new works to be submitted by composers, and the composers whose works are chosen for the touring route will be paid and promoted. With a $20/month subscription, you’ll get to vote on new works you want to hear on the Artist Series.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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