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Creating OpenDyslexic (and accessibility & education software)

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About Abbie Gonzalez

Once upon a time, a few years ago... okay about 10 years ago (I'm old 😬).

My wife bought me a 💻 laptop, and I started working on OpenDyslexic. It started as a proof-of-concept type project, but with a large positive response (and TedX talk) it became a production typeface used by authors, application developers, and eBook manufactures.

OpenDyslexic has been a 1-person operation implementing advice  and merging characters sent by volunteer teachers around the world. It has been something I've worked on when I can at night, while working full time, and the occasional second job. Special requests can be quick, but have also been more involved and taking several hours or days. Responding to emails requesting support, paperwork (tons) to allow some organizations to even use the typeface, and assistance with specific school requests takes a large amount of time. I've even gotten paperwork asking if the typeface collected user data 🤔.  Until recently, I couldn't respond to all of these.

OpenDyslexic has had only one ($300) fundraiser in the past, which was ✨super successful✨🎉 and used to purchase to build and compile it. The website has been managed by myself, and in general I've paid out of pocket for hosting, upgrades, and other overhead expenses as needed. 

This Patreon is to continue the work of completing OpenDyslexic, refining it, getting it into more places that are requested, and assisting developers, content authors, IT staff and others with installs and setup in a timely manner. It'll also allow for continued work on other accessibility projects as they come up, with the ability to publish them at no cost, and keep them open source. The increase in available time will also help me meet the expectations people have had over the years. 

This Patreon will allow for:
  • Submitting OpenDyslexic in the various App Stores for easy install, including the macOS and iOS stores, the Windows Store, and the Google Play Store.
  • Continued work on free accessibility/educational software, which has been started with Overlays!, and OpenWeb. 
  • Actually releasing OpenDyslexic 3 Updating and completing work on a more feature complete OpenDyslexic in the SIL-OFL license instead of the previous bitstream.
  • Hosting of OpenDyslexic, and adding a content delivery service for more easily using OpenDyslexic on web projects.
  • Needed upgrades and monthly bills needed for website, domain names, and other paid services used, and equipment to test with.
  • Other items listed in the goals section of the sidebar.
Not much is really needed to fund this: if every person using OpenDyslexic donated doll1/month, all listed goals can be provided easily. 

At the moment, OpenDyslexic donations are a primary source of income.

Can the goals🥇 and rewards🎊 be met?
✔ Yes. Many specific rewards are items I have been providing for free over the past few years, but work was ⏳slow since I was the primary source of funding. 
If this flops 🤦🏻♂️🤦🏻♀️ and burns🔥, will OpenDyslexic still be available?
It won't flop, because it can't anymore. A new OpenDyslexic is on the way, the website has hosting that doesn't go down often, and progress is moving along. It can continue to be easily available, and progress can move along quickly with the Patreon being funded. The new OpenDyslexic will be released soon, and work will start on several extra styles right after. 
$374.75 of $500 per month
  • Additional availability to help with technical issues, installs and screen shares when needed.
  • I'll get internet again for that extended availability :P.✅
  • I'll setup some CSS themes & scripts to make including OpenDyslexic in your project easier.
  • Any new accessibility projects or applications will be started as open source projects.oe
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