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Milestone Goals
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Better content curation
$1,000 per month
One of the most frequent complaints we get is the fact that the current art categories are too broad, making art searches difficult.  What a lot of people don't know is that back when the site was originally created, the categories were a lot more narrow, but people were allowed to select their own, and things were frequently miscategorized, which made the archive a huge mess.  With this much monthly funding, I'll be able to devote time every week to making sure that art is categorized correctly, making art searches easier.  I'll also be able to clean up and categorize new submissions to the texture archive.

Read more about this and see a mockup here.
Open source
$1,500 per month
Open sourcing a site like isn't as simple as you might think.  OGA runs on top of Drupal, which stores a lot of information necessary for the site to function in the site database, which means that in order for someone to download a copy of OGA that works well enough that development can be done, the database needs to be included.  Unfortunately, the database is a) way too big to allow people to download without bringing the server to its knees, and b) contains personal information such as email addresses and hashed passwords, which can't be released to the public.  What this means is that I'll have to write and maintain a program that sanitizes and shrinks the OGA database so that it will be easy to download and not compromise anyone's personal information.  As new features are added to the site (along with necessary database schema changes), this program will need to be kept up to date so that the database remains properly sanitized, which means that not only is open sourcing OGA a large initial effort, it will require that I devote some amount of time to it continuously just to make sure people can always get the latest working version.  In the event that we receive code contributions (and open sourcing your code is not in any way a guarantee of that), I'll need to spend time coordinating developing, cleaning up code, coaching potential developers (Drupal has a hefty learning curve), and providing support to people wanting to get a working copy of the site running on their own machine.  Ultimately, this may result in a lot of new features, but going open source is a time investment; you can only get back what you put in.
Major features and bugfixes
$2,000 per month
If I reach this goal, I'll be able to continuously work on high-effort features and bugfixes that have been back-burnered (some for several years), such as a set of tools that make it easier for artists to collaborate and remix each others' work (like allowing people to draw, paint, and compose simple music in comments) while doing the legwork of keeping track of licensing and attribution information automatically.  I'd also like to set up spaces where game developers can set up art archives specific to their game to make content creation easier.
Full-time work on OGA (in the future)
$5,000 per month
I'm currently doing contract work with very flexible hours, such that I'm able to work up to half time on OGA (although since I'm paid by the hour, any time I spend working on OGA at the moment instead of my contract work is unpaid).  When my current contract is over, $5,000 per month would allow me to work on OGA full time for the foreseeable future and pay the bills. In addition to coding at a much faster pace, I'd be able to do things like running large contests (such as another Liberated Pixel Cup), and also contribute a large amount of art myself (I'm a pretty solid composer and a decent pixel artist).  If we reach this goal before my current work contract ends, I'll put everything beyond $2,500 per month into frequent, CC-BY licensed paid commissions that can be used in any type of commercial or open source game project.


I'm Bart Kelsey, the creator and maintainer of, a site that archives art for use in free software / open source and commercial games. I've been interested in art and creating video games ever since I first saw a computer back in the early 80s, and I'd like to make it easier for artists and programmers to come together and find inspiration to make great games.


Ohio, USA

Top PatronsSee all 122 is a site that helps programmers and artists collaborate to make video games, by providing a platform where artists can share and archive their art and programmers can reach them easily. 

Funding OpenGameArt will allow me to devote time to addressing the backlog of bug reports and feature requests and help me keep the site running well for everyone.  Once the outstanding issues are fixed, I'll be able to move on to working on better organization (including finer-grained art categories), and greater community participation (such as managing larger contests like another Liberated Pixel Cup or similar).

For those of you who are interested in the numbers: this fund drive isn't set up in such a way that it'll make me any more money than I'm already making right now.  Instead, what it will allow me to do is spend hours working on OGA that I would otherwise have spent on my regular contract work.  Each $100 pledged works out to roughly an hour of work per week (or 4.5 hours per month), so if we reach the $2000 goal, I'll be able to split my time 50/50 between OGA and my contract work and make about the same amount of money that I do right now.

Thank you for your consideration and support!
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