is creating a public-domain archive of powerlifting history

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Preserve all of powerlifting history for future generations -- not just the record-holders, but of everyone who ever competed!

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And I yelled, I said, "What do you want from us, OpenPowerlifting?!"

And OpenPowerlifting bent down and said -- "I need about tree fiddy."

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About OpenPowerlifting

We're archiving the history of powerlifting and building cool and helpful things, like the Lifter Rankings and OpenLifter. The goal is to remember every lifter at every level of the sport across every federation, and bring them all together. All the data and code are released for free!

Although this project is a volunteer-run service to the powerlifting community, we need funds for things like servers and paid help with data-entry work. There are lots of things that we'd like to be able to do, but that require dedicated hardware.

We've kept our Patreon pledge tiers very low because honestly the project's projected costs are not tremendous, and it's possible that we can become sufficiently funded with only a small amount of support. But please know that everything contributed will all go back into making the project better.
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Register as a 501(c)(3)!

This project was always intended to be a non-profit entity, and we match the IRS' criteria for a 501(c)(3). Unfortunately, there are yearly fees required to file for and maintain that status that are prohibitively expensive, and would use most of our operating income.

The only thing stopping us from registering right now is the $800/yr minimum California state tax levied on registered business entities.

But with this level of funding, we could reasonably become legally non-profit. That would also make any future contributions to the project tax-deductible!
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