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The Hearth of Sin is always full of Spores released by the Mushminions, which means they often get to see all the action inside the tower before anyone does!

  • WIP Sneak Peaks
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These minions may seem harmless, but don't trust them! The naughty Mushminions get to walk around the Hearth of Sin and partake in all the lewdness happening inside it, and they get to choose who they're going to go after as well!

•  WIP Sneak Peaks

+ Full Resolution Art

+ NSFW Polls

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The Shroomlords might be trying a bit too hard to copy our old master, but they've definitely got an edge to them!

This group of hardy shrooms crossed the entire land in search of their master and stumbled upon a reliquary of ancient magic. This magic conceded them one wish: A partner to accompany them on their travels. Upon hearing of the rising of the new Hearth of Sin, they wasted no time in coming back to their master, with their companions in tow!

  • WIP Sneak Peaks
  • Full Resolution Art
  • NSFW Polls
  • Your character will become a part of Ophi's adventure, to be revealed in a future post of Ophi's Quest (character must fit our theme)
  • Carnivate will make a version of your character to fit our story
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About Ophi's Quest

We invite you to follow Ophi in her quest to conquer all of Lucernia in an adventure filled with sexy, quirky and likeable characters (often all of them at the same time), Ophi's Quest will be updated weekly and presented as Comic pages, or in a few cases, as a visual novel, which will be viewable in any browser that supports javascript. Every week, all readers (not only Patrons) are encouraged to post suggestions, which will be taken into account to steer the course of the story, so each and every one of you will help us shape the destiny of Lucernia, thus collectively creating our own adventure!

With a funny and tongue-in-cheek storytelling style, making fun of all the usual game tropes, our intention is creating an entertaining story that everyone (of legal age!) can enjoy. With relatable (if a bit over the top) characters, and of course, covering all the fun fetishes that we could stuff in it! More information can be found in our page (currently under construction)

The Obligatory Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual situations are of legal age and enjoying themselves.

As the leading solution to recurrent financial support for artistic project (amongst other types), Patreon seemed to be the obvious choice for Ophi’s Quest. The lead artist currently makes a modest living off of his art through commissions, and in order to take some time off of those, we chose to create a separate page to fund this endeavor, not to mention other costs associated with it, such as paying for the talented voice actors that lent their voices to our characters (more info on the actors can be found in our page).

We thought long and hard about these, we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the story without a paywall, and still make everyone who helped us through Patreon feel like their contribution meant something to us, a hard balance to strike, to be sure!

All patron tiers get early sneak peaks to sketches and progress of the next pages and increased weight on their votes for steering the story. What that means is: if two opposing suggestions are made by different members, we might lean toward the one made by a patron.

Higher tiers might even get the chance to add their own characters to the adventure’s NSFW scenes, so look forward to that! And, due to time and effort constraints, please understand that the bonus full body art for the last tier is a one-time reward, to be delivered after payment for that month has been confirmed. Suggestions regarding the tier rewards are still being accepted.

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Achieving this milestone will permit greater depth for the posts, including more time spent on animations and NSFW scenes between posts. Maybe even let Carn eat something other than noodles once in a while! A man can dream!
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