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About www.operationrainfall.com

Operation Rainfall (oprainfall) brings you the latest niche gaming and anime news. We provide news, reviews, opinions, videos, and more in both written and video format. We have a podcast that covers both games and anime, as well as a YouTube and Twitch account where we bring you even more original content. 

All of that content is brought to you by a group of volunteers. Each and every one of us from Owners to Contributors volunteer here for free. We spend our free time bringing you the latest news and sharing our opinions on all things gaming and anime.

While we are more than happy to do this we do have some fees that we need to keep up with. Mainly our server fees and taxes. Due to our wonderful readers visiting us so often we need to be on a dedicates server...which isn't cheap! 

All donations will be to keep our site running. No one volunteering here will be personally making any money off of your donations. Everything goes to keep us running and allow us to continue to do what we do. 

If you have been to our site you know what we are all about. If you haven't please check out the links in this post and see who we are!

We love to interact with our readers on Twitter and Facebook

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Have you ever wanted to write your own opinion piece on something gaming/anime related? Here is your chance! Once we reach this goal per month we will host a guest opinion article on our site. 

Those interested will enter a random drawing. The winner will get a guest editorial published to www.operationrainfall.com

You will have full access to our amazing editors to help you out!

Content must be relevant to the type of games and anime we cover. Final approval must be attained from Head Editor or Owner. (We rarely turn down anything, and would rather work with you than say no!) 
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