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For the past 2.5 years I’ve been working hard to build a comprehensive resource that brings a new level of precision to the confusion, noise and conflicts of interest that often pollute the world of nutrition.

For too long we’ve been focusing on avoiding things like fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein and end up with a diet full of refined packaged products that contain very few micronutrients.

It should be self-evident, but I believe nutrients are central to good nutrition. However, we can further refine our nutritional approach using parameters such as macronutrients, insulin load and energy density to identify optimal foods for different goals.

I am passionate about building the resource that I wish had been available when my wife Monica was pregnant and the diabetes clinic at the hospital would tell her that she needed to reduce her blood sugars but had no useful advice on how to achieve this!

There are now over one hundred and fifty blog posts on Optimising Nutrition, with a whole lot more in the pipeline. I’m also excited to realise the full potential of the Nutrient Optimiser as we work hard to develop it into a a useful tool for more people to use.

So many ideas. So little time! (Do I really have to sleep?)

I would love to do more podcasts and perhaps a range of YouTube videos to repurpose the most popular content on the blog for people who don’t like to read five thousand word articles that are aimed at nutritional thought leaders.

While I do have a day job as an engineer, every hour I spend developing the blog is an hour that I could be spending doing paid overtime, hanging out with my family, sleeping, going to the gym or getting outside and practicing what I preach.

Sponsorship or advertising is not ideal as I want to provide a clear message that is free from conflicts of interest from supplement or manufactured foods which cut against the goals of optimising nutrition primarily through whole foods.

Others have suggested that I implement a paid subscription portion of the site. However, I don’t want to keep my most useful material behind a paywall. I want it to be available and shared freely because it works and can help the people who desperately need it. The more I can interact with people who read the material the more I am able to refine the information and the tools.

So, if you have benefited from the material at Optimising Nutrition and would like to see it continue to be developed and shared then I invite you to become a patron so I can continue to follow my passion to provide a clear and quantitative voice in the discussion on nutrition for you and everyone else out there who may potentially benefit from it.

Thank you

Marty Kendall
Optimising Nutrition

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