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About optimisticDuelist

"Men have crafted many stories out of symbols risen from the abyss of consciousness...without necessarily knowing what they were doing, as they floundered around for some truth...

Despite themselves, they would for however briefly cross through a ray of light...Because of the symbols.

The symbols hold all the power."

-Acclaimed Poet, Writer and Prophetic-Wizardress, Rose Lalonde

I’m optimisticDuelist, the Heir of Hope. Smug furry scholar, at your service.

Homestuck’s greatest strength is carrying the depth to carry sustained and prolonged conversation. I present new perspectives on the comic that are interesting and compellingly presented enough to prompt interesting ongoing conversation, and try to help provide a platform to help that conversation grow.

I’m also working to make it easier to join that conversation, using lore videos to make it easier to understand Homestuck’s content in a more holistic, thorough way. My research into Homestuck’s themes in this respect have also colored my readings of other stories, including Undertale/DeltaruneDark Souls, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and lots of other stuff I just haven’t talked about yet.

My best work on Homestuck has covered Dirk,Jane,Spades Slick and Bec Noir,Gamzee,Dave and Karkat,Jade and Davepeta (this one could use some edits),Classpects,Gnosticism, Trickster Mode, The Neverending Story,Earthbound,The Light Aspect as a symbol for Romance,the Nature of Act 7 (my first large essay on Homestuck, and one Andrew Hussie proved entirely correct by describing Homestuck as a “metatheological thesis” in his Washington Post Interview), and more.

All told, I believe the body of essay and video work I’ve provided through the support of my incredible Patrons so far presents a rather complete foundation for a new way of reading and understanding Homestuck’s plot, themes, and characters from the ground up. If that’s a conversation you’re interested in joining and helping to grow and influence, my Patreon is the best way to do so.

If you can’t hop on the Patreon for whatever reason but still want to help me expand what I do, consider doing something a lot more important: Let friends you think would be interested in seeing Homestuck revisited this way know. There’s a lot of people out there who used to care about Homestuck, and I want to reach them. I think we all have a lot of fun stuff to talk about.

Til then,
Keep Rising.

83% complete
Regular Patron-Only Streams, probably covering other non-Homestuck things like anime, games, and whatever else comes to mind. Hosted on either Twitch or a Youtube side-channel--not yet decided. Content showcased will be up to Patron vote.

[I]ntermission Podcast with Kate “Overwatch” Gam8lingant. First subject will be the upcoming essays on Rose and Vriska. This one’s already in the works, but it can be done faster and better with more funding.
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