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About Orangerender

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Hello there,
thanks a lot for landing on my site.

I'm an Illustrator and Art Director focused towards comics fields who has previously worked in different areas of entertainment such as animated series, screenwriting, comics, and illustrations for books and digital media. On the other hand, I've often been searching for the way of producing my own stuff and share it for entertainment purposes. Honestly, that's what I would most like to do now.
Here, I'd like to develop the projects I've always had in mind. Making my own comics series and illustrations has been my real passion and the most enjoyable activity I ever had, so by becoming a patron you will be supporting me to produce and share exclusive material for you. In addition, I will be giving public recognition
 here and on my facebook page.

Now, I come up with my latest comic "Weird Wide World Adventure: Crocodilopolis" that is still in progress. It's a comic series that mingles adventure, jokes and odd situations by involving its characters in an exhilarating trip across Egypt.
Depending on the tier selected, patrons can see every chapter launched, get a PDF highest-quality version—that includes further material—, an illustrated cover, and even ask me for a custom refined sketch. All in all, every chapter has five pages and they will solely be availaible here on Patreon much before than other site where they wouldn't be completely fitted as here.

The protagonist is a weird 18-year-old girl called Miss Hellothere who is characterized by being funny, naive, vigorous, generous and impetuous. Although sometimes she is deemed to be silly, she seems to apply a rare logic according to the way she perceives things. Although sometimes irritating, her sympathy always stands out at any moment. You can see more about her and her context here: Weird Wide World Adventures of Miss Hellothere.

To begin with, I will be launching each chapter along with its additional material monthly at the latest. Perhaps, it might take a little bit less.
Anyhow, I guarantee the launching of all the stuff in that average time as I already have "buffer material" under constant review and always continue working to produce more until finishing the entire story.

So, have fun and feel free to ask  me anything.
1 of 5 patrons
I will launch a one-page comic strip of Miss Hellothere availaible for everybody in which the first five backers
will take part
(they could be named or even appear if they want)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 136 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 136 exclusive posts

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