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Hi all!

Orangesekaii is here!
I'm thrilled to be able to create my Patreon page; which I have always wanted to do and finally I am here to present to you Orangesekaii's Patreon!
I have been doing digital arts since 2013 and it's been such a journey. Although, I have been working for many big and small companies, I'm currently pursuing my degree to further achieving my goals. 

Thank you all for once again supporting me on this social media as well as the others! It means a lot to me as a creator and it helps me strengthen my career, so bless you all~!
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A star
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☻ Thank you

☻ Sketches and Wips

☻ You're helping me growing 

A moon
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☻ Thank you

☻ Step by step of my drawing process 

☻ Hi-resolution of my illustration(s) provided that particular month

☻ Brushes and color palettes 

☻ Sketches and Wips

MEGA Universe
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✧ A 5 hours online class via Google Hangout: showing you my process and explaining details to you.

✧ Hi-resolution images from the class

✧ PSD file

✧ Brushes and color palette 

✧ Record video from the class

70% complete
I will start making a series about A moon and A rose or publishing my art book every now and then! Thank you for supporting me.
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