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I'll get right on the phone to HR, to remove any evidence from your company record of using ad-block whilst watching my videos. 

You'll also get immediate access to the Orbital Potato Incorporated Patron Exclusive series - Project Hospital currently, as well as the full back catalogue of videos.

Your name is featured in the company bulletin at the end of each video.
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Quite rightly, you're looking for your monies worth and to take advantage of the company perks, one of which is access to the Exclusive "Shareholders Lounge" in the company Discord server. This is where we chat, formulate company strategy and organise community games.

You also get early access to special one-off videos, including game reviews, tycoon games news, mod spotlight and analysis videos. 

This is in addition to Shareholder perks. 
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So you've decided to invest. Good! As an Investor, you'll be entitled to all of the previous perks. Additionally, in recognition of your status in the company, you'll get the bimonthly "Investor's Letter"  - an overly produced glitzy letter, which gives a behind the scenes look at the state of Orbital Potato Incorporated. Provided either through the wonders of video or indeed as an actual letter. 

In further recognition, your name is added the company database and can be drawn to feature in any of my ongoing series.

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About Orbital Potato

Hello prospective investor and welcome. The name's Orbital. Orbital Potato.

You've probably found your way here through our mutual interest in strategy games.

If you've already made your mind up about supporting me, and helping me make more of these types of videos, please go right ahead and pledge. I won't stop you!

However if you are yet to be convinced or would like further information on what I do, then please by all means read on.

What Do I Play?

I produce high-quality long-form strategy game entertainment. Primarily these strategy games fall into certain categories:
  • City Building Games
  • Process Management Games
  • Tycoon Games
  • Economy Simulation Games
  • Political Simulation Games
  • Transport Management Games
If you enjoy any of the genres on that list (or all of them, as I do) then you'll enjoy what I make. Basically any game that features building or managing will attract my attention swiftly. I occasionally stray out with the parameters expressed above, albeit rarely.

All videos comes with a patented level of self-deprecation, however I also strive to explain the mechanics as best I can, and aim to fully explain and analyse the way a strategy game plays over the course of a series.

On that note, I also produce videos, analysing a specific game's feature, or informational videos discussing patch changes.

I give every game the benefit of the doubt, but similarly I'll let you know if I consider a game worth picking up (which is particularly relevant as there are rather a large number of strategy games in Early Access right now!)

Orbital Potato Incorporated

Becoming a Patron means you join Orbital Potato Inc, which includes a bunch of corporate benefits, the specifics of which you can find detailed at the top of this page.
All tiers of benevolence come with an appropriate name-tag on the Orbital Potato Incorporated Discord Server. This lets others know your status within the company.

Sounds alright so far, but what's in it for me?

As I've already highlighted, there are a bunch of rewards available to you prospective investor. I'll highlight, some of the most enticing rewards below:
  • Orbital Potato Incorporated Patron Exclusive series - Project Hospital currently as well as the back catalogue of videos.
  • Early Access to Edited Content - This includes Tycoon Game News, and Patch Analysis videos.
  • Investor Letter - An overly produced glitzy letter, breaking down the state of Orbital Potato Incorporated. Provided either through the wonders of video update or indeed writing.
  • Access to the exclusive "Shareholders Lounge" in the Discord, where we chat, formulate company strategy and organise community games.
It's important to note, that this is an evolving list. As more people support Orbital Potato Incorporated, the rewards become greater!

I'm all about strategy games all the time, and pledging your dosh helps make more strategy videos directly possible.
  • Help defeat the YouTube algorithm
  • Help beat the seasonal variation in ad revenue.
  • Help me afford the tools needed to make these videos possible.
If you like finding out about new strategy games on the block, then pledging your dosh helps make this directly possible. As I have a primarily YouTube-based audience, I am often at the mercy of an omnipresent algorithm. There is also a highly seasonal variation in revenue, (companies pay more for ads just before Christmas, and much less afterwards) which is inevitable. Similarly, video editing software doesn't come cheap and there are various programs that are at this point essential to production.

In Conclusion
I'm not going to stop playing and recording strategy games even if you decide not to pledge. However, your cash directly helps make more strategy games videos, helps meet the cost of making said videos, helps provide me with job security & means you get bonus goodies. It's a win-win-win!

48% complete
Orbital Inc Marketing Department - If you've watched the YouTube channel, you'll be familiar with the sometimes sporadic appearance of videos. Blame the marketing department, they're terrible. Achieving this goal means I'll post a weekly update detailing the video (times) and streams you can expect in a given week. 
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