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Hi! I'm Chris Yarbrough, and this my webcomic, Orcgirl & Gobbo! Look upon it, be amused! 

Orcgirl & Gobbo takes place in the  ancient land of Eld Sirrah, land of Thunder, civilization is on the brink.

Ravaged by a century of a terrible curse, all but the mightiest of kingdoms have turned to dust. Abandoned cities and holdfasts of the old world jut like sinister teeth, ravaged by "The Horror." It is an age of vast frontiers, an age of redrawn maps and splintered axes. It is an age of bronze, iron, and magic.

It is an age of adventure!

Such an age cannot turn without heroes, and heroes are in no short supply. Here we find an
orc runt swordswoman and a goblin pup, last of his hive. Together, they will ride screaming
into legend, but first their tale must be told.

This is the tale of...
My goal is simple: to tell these crazy stories in my head, and to make you feel things! Orcgirl & Gobbo will always be free to read and enjoy, but any amount of support will make a big difference in allowing me to bring you more, higher-quality content faster! And you can get some extra stuff in the process! 

Thank you so much for coming with us on this adventure; let's kick some ass! (And become intimate friends!)

Orcgirl & Gobbo updates every TUESDAY!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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